Isaiah 1:1,2,3

Isaiah 1:1  The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.




The experience that has been taking place in America, especially for the last few decades; but will not last much longer...


Isaiah 1:2  Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.




Listen carefully and pay attention to what is happening, all Angels, devils and all inhabitants throughout My Universe. Listen closely and take heed to what is taking place, you people on earth. I have Spoken.


I created, tenderly nurtured and highly educated beings to be with Me; both angelic and human.


Many angels turned from Me, and a third of them chose to leave Me forever. Most of your fellow humans have rejected Me because they refuse to take a reasonable amount of time to find out Who I really AM. In your own mind, you have been falsely persuaded to make Me out to be some distant, unapproachable, disinterested, unreasonable, cold-hearted, uncompassionate and over-demanding God.


Isaiah 1:3  The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.




The oxen know who takes care of them; the donkeys know who provides for their daily needs; but you people in America; you who claim to be a Christian nation have no idea Who I AM; nor do you have any real interest to find out what I AM about. You have no honest understanding of My Character or Way of Life.


You are preoccupied, mesmerized, and addicted; often to the point of obsession with:


·      movies;

·      unending television shows;

·      sports of every kind;

·      sex, drugs (both illegal and prescription), alcohol, pornography, lustful and sentimental music, the news entertainment industry;

·      and various other forms of supposed amusement. You fail to realize these are all nothing but distractions to keep your mind and attention on the temporary instead of the Eternal.


These diversions are to prevent you from seeing what is really going on behind the closed doors of those you choose to turn your lives over to. Through enactments, regulations, bills, treaties, taxation and decrees; they are stripping you of the freedom and rights I provided for you. With hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation, you do not even know what you are held accountable for by those who are enslaving you.


I gave you 10 Ways to show your respect and love for Me, and for all of humanity; and you do not even have any real interest in upholding Them; much less to live by These Commandments.


You are intentionally being blinded to the fact that you are used as a form of entertainment by devils. They have human puppets that hide themselves from public scrutiny throughout this world. The goals of these connivers are to assume control over you, and to force you to do as they command. Devils manipulate those who dictate over you. They purposely take advantage of you to the point of neglect, ill-treatment, cruelty, exploitation, along with numerous other atrocities.


You have been played in the ways you engross yourselves with all your gossip, faultfinding,  backstabbing, and other ways in which you entertain yourselves. You have been deliberately divided; and in that, you have lost your identity as a nation, your status as a free people, and your uniqueness as individuals.


You do not even verify much of what you say among yourselves. You often and mindlessly repeat what you hear from rumor, or from the manipulated media. You have no independent, neutral or free press; it is controlled by those who hide behind the scenes. Like parrots, you repeat what you hear, instead of being the intelligent, reasoning beings I created you to be.


You are wrapped up in pettiness and trivial matters; so much so, that you fail to figure out or realize there are liars, thieves, murderers and destroyers working hard to enslave, and eventually exterminate you; along with everything I have provided for you.


You consistently blame others for your problems, you often bring upon your own selves. Matters that have significant, long term consequences; not only for your own life, but more importantly, issues that will impact your descendants - you pawn off as no big deal.  You make matters of less, or very little significance out to be earth shattering - it is like you make a game out of it.


Why are you complacent, idle, disinterested and preoccupied, when you ought to be vigilant in matters that affect your long term life, and that of your descendants? You say you love your children and grand children. Is this how you show it? By burying them in debt, in regulations, and in giving them an unruly, depraved, chaotic and debased environment to grow up in?


·      When will you stop playing games with your own mind?

·      When will you come to your senses, and stop belittling the intelligence I created you with?

·      When will you hold your own self accountable for your own actions?

·      When will you take responsibility for your own life, and those you say you love and care for?


You let yourselves get jerked around and abused as if you had no mind of your own.


How low will you go before you are willing to take a stand and say: no more corruption – I will not be played and used as a pawn any longer?


Dear people,


·      You are overly wrapped up in your own selves. So many of you can look out your window, only to look inside your neighbors window. Yet, you have fewer friends now than what was experienced among neighbors just a few decades ago.

·      You value your personal opinions in an attempt to make your own life convenient. At the same time, you trash the value of the rule of law in which America was established on, and which the rest of the world greatly admired.

·      Many of you have become so self centered, that you think the world owes you.

·      It is no longer what is best for each individual; but what is in it for me? I am the only one that matters. I have no time to be concerned with anyone else. I am the god of my world.


·      You are absorbed with the cares and riches of this world, even though you allow governments and special interests to financially rape you.

·      You look to those who claim to lead you to straighten everything out; when they are the ones that sold you out by putting loopholes into their code laws to benefit their own selves, special interest groups and mega businesses. This has been done to unlawfully maneuver around your laws: the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


These documents have been put in place to protect and defend you as individuals; to shield you from governmental control fanatics, and safeguard you from overreaching bureaucrats. It is because of this conniving manipulation that you have allowed your lives to become overcomplicated and dangerously overstressed.


This is why your families are being torn apart, and why you find yourselves in the unruliness you are in. You let them strip and rape you in so many ways, and you lay there and take it as if you are comatose.


You are strangely, and without objection, giving away your responsibilities and authority the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee you, to those who want to take everything you have away from you and your children.


·      You fail to look to your Creator and God to return order from all the chaos your claimed educators have led you into, like a hook in a worm. How long will you bite into the lies,  and let them strip from you every shred of common decency?  


·      You have clearly chosen entertainment over securing a sound and reliable future for yourselves, and for your children.  

·      Your life is testifying you have no real interest or sincere concern in finding out what the absolute Truth is in all the various matters that pertain to your personal life. You have pawned off so much that was great with America; for cheap, and often dishonorable  thrills. And this is what you want to pass on to your children?


·      Be honest. Do you have a genuine desire to find out what is truly going on around the world, in Heaven and in Eternity? Do you even really care what is taking place in your own country? In your own state? In your own neighborhood? How concerned are you about your own family? If you are truly and deeply concerned, does your lifestyle testify of that concern? Do your decisions verify that you really do care? Be honest.

·      Or is it rather: What can I get out of it? How can I make it through all this without too much inconvenience? Are these the highlights in your mind? Let everyone else fend for their own self. I do not have the time or ambition or heart to get involved. You think you will make it through unscathed? That is just another lie you bit into.  


·      Are you more interested to see how Hollywood and technology will bring you into the next frontier? Is that where you put your hope, trust and confidence? Do you stop your mind long enough to realize you are bringing your own demise upon your own self? Do you really think your possessions, and the manipulation of Hollywood will fill your soul with good things?

·      It is the things you are occupying your time and attention on, that leave your soul unsatisfied; much less fulfilled - and why your soul is anemic and starving to death.


·      Can you really be joyful when so many suffer needlessly?

·      Can you be at peace when you are compromising the freedom for those you say you love?


When you want to go on a trip, you get out a map to find the best way to get to your destination. But what about when it comes to Genuine Salvation, entering Heaven and Eternal Life?


If you think everyone will, at least, eventually get there; you have been duped. In your own mind, do you even believe Heaven is a real place? You wish for the eternal fountain of youth. But do you have any real interest in finding out the specific directions to obtain Authentic Salvation, and how to get into Heaven and have Life Everlasting?


Do you even have a sincere interest in knowing what the Lifestyle of the rest of the Universe is like?


Do you believe the lie in that: since you were born; for some reason, that gives you immediate or eventual access into Eternity? This lie started in the Garden Eden. Satan told Adam and Eve: surely you will not die.


·      Did they instantly die? No.

·      Did the process of death begin at the point they bit into the lie? Yes.

·      Did they eventually go to the grave? Yes.

·      Will they make it into Eternity? It depends on the personal decisions they made after they accepted the lies, and before they breathed their last.

·      Did they turn back to believe and trust God? Did they follow the directions God gave them to obtain Salvation and Eternal Life? If you did; or if you will while there is still breath in you; you will eventually find out if they did.


You know in your mind, you do not like the way the world is going. But at the same time, are you failing to take a stand for a better way of life? Purity, holiness, integrity, chastity, innocence, fidelity, veracity, reverence, equity, circumspect, rectitude, common sense and justice; have these become relics from the past to you? Do you feel you have moved beyond the value and importance of these distinct qualities?


Is what the world is becoming some great thing to you? Do the degraded practices that are becoming common place in America today surpass any one of these? Are you paying attention?


Will you let devils and their human puppets trick you into thinking your voice will never make a difference? Did you let them convince you it is easier to just go with the flow? And what you now have, is all there will ever be? Did you toss out values, respect, common decency and virtue as worthless has-beens?


When you are talking with a person; typically, you will at least be reasonably respectful toward them. But how often in your mind, would you rather be somewhere else, and doing something else? In your mind, how often do you say things about them you would not want them to hear? And how often do you feel this way, simply because they are not like you; as if your life has already been perfected?    


Have you directly or indirectly succumbed to the dictates of devils, and not even know it is going on? Have you been conned? Have you been tricked into believing lies? Have you even bothered to see if what you are believing is the Truth concerning the various areas of your life?


Do you trust your instinct instead of My Holy Word?


The devils use the media, and the rest of the entertainment complex in which you feast upon. These are used to deceive and mislead you down the wide road of submission and to absolute destruction. You may get exited or laugh at things you are entertained by; but devils are laughing at you. Why? Because you fall for just about anything they put in your path - to the point where you bore them.

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