Isaiah 1:13  Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; the new moons and sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.




You worship Me in vain. You teach and live according to the commandments of your particular denomination or religion; much that is contrary to My Word. Your worship is hypocritical, because it is self-serving, and has nothing to do with My Will for you. You say you honor Me, but you dishonor My Lifestyle. You go through the motions, but your mind is off in its own world.


You speak nice words when you are around other people that speak nice words; but when you walk away – the things you say and think confirm you have no clue in Who I really AM. You clearly confirm you are not walking with Me. To even think immoral and unethical thoughts in your mind; it is the same as if you committed those things physically. Don't you get it?


You that turn away from hearing My Law; even your prayers are sickening and repulsive.


I asked you to remember My Sabbath, but you choose to pick a day of your own desire or tradition. Even those of you who say you keep the Seventh Day; most of you only do it in form. You refuse to keep the Sabbath time holy and consecrated to the Joy, Celebration and Purpose of Creation Week.


I rested the Seventh Day and made the Sabbath Holy. The Sabbath was given to you to commemorate Me giving you life and a planet to live on joyously and forever; the place in My Universe where I will live with you, as I did with Adam and Eve in the Garden Eden. But they turned from Me for a lie. Now you are doing the same.


·      Now you reject Me and My Way of Life.

·      Every day is alike to you.

·      You try to convince yourselves you came from an explosion; and then from some water creature; then from monkeys and apes; and then you finally became human.

·      Is there no end to your gullibility?


·      You keep choosing alternative lifestyles, instead of the life I created for you. You oddly think I miscalculated when it came to giving you life, but I did not. You are letting a deceiver manipulate your true identity. 


·      You murder your babies. Just because they are still in the womb; you say they are not human. I form babies in their mother’s wombs. I make them human as soon as the sperm impregnates the egg. Where is your self respect and sense of decency?


Turn from your corrupt ways, beliefs and thoughts right now, that you can start to live. Do not wait another moment. Turn to Me now, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.


I will forgive your past, if you are serious about letting it go: if you are willing to start fresh with My Will for you today and beyond. You will not regret it, ever. Confess it all to Me, and let us move on together.   


·      You change your beliefs like the wind changes directions; all of this takes place because you reject My Word; because you reject the Real Me. Stop the inconsistencies of your beliefs, and begin to accept all that I know.


You say you keep holy the first day of the week because I rose from the dead during that time of the week when I was on earth. The Sabbath has never changed from the Seventh Day of creation. Me rising from the dead has nothing to do with remembering and keeping Holy My Seventh Day Sabbath; both Events are totally separate from each other.


But, as usual, you would rather carry out your own obsession, instead of what I asked you to do. Nothing is new under the sun. You believe a deceiver, just like Adam and Eve did in the Garden Eden. Will you not return to Me and begin to live life to the full?  


You fail to realize there is a battle for your soul.


·      Who will you believe?

·      Who will you trust?

·      Me, or some devil?

·      Make up your mind.


Quit calling yourself a Christian when you reject Me and My Word; you are confusing those on the outside who are trying to look in. You are giving mixed messages to those who really want to check Me out and My Lifestyle. They look at you, and do not know what to think, because you say you are Christian. Yet, you do not live according to My Word. Do you know why you are doing that? Do you even care?


When you call yourself by a certain title, it is essential to understand and fulfill the responsibilities that go along with that title. To do so, it will take time, study and thought. You do not simply learn it by observing other people's definition of the title, but through what I had Written for you. I, your Lord and God will Guide you into all Truth, and also show you things to come. I know exactly what is going on and why.


Many of you gather together for your religious picnics or bazaars. At some, you gamble and drink alcohol on the same grounds that you claim to come and worship Me. You spend so much of your time with the frivolous, when there are many individuals among you that need serious help and a true friend.


You have turned your weekend services into social events for yourselves. You come for entertainment, instead of fully seeking Me in Spirit and in Truth. When you come into the service, you are often anticipating your departure. Do you think making your appearance is going to benefit you some how? If so, where did you get that from? Often, your thoughts are on the cares of this temporary world, instead of focusing on My Will for your individual life, on Heaven and Eternity.


When strangers come in to visit your congregation, you rarely even notice them, if at all. If you do, you typically do not even go out of your way to personally greet them. Most of you are just there for the hope of gaining some kind of warm feeling inside for your own self.


Some of you seek forgiveness, when you have no interest in having your character transformed. You are hoping there is an afterlife, but it is just another addition to your wish-list. You have no confidence or assurance like you can have when your relationship with Me is real.


·      I made you to be a caring, loving people; to be knit together, one to another. Yet, you place so much distance between yourselves.

·      Your self interests far outweigh the needs of those around you.

·      Because you refuse to serve; your life has become more of a blank screen. Your body may be intact; yet, your soul is empty and dry. You can ignore this truth, but deep down, you know it is true.


·      You can attempt to fill that void inside you with the things of this world, as you have been attempting to do, most, if not all of your conscious life. No matter how hard you try; you know the things of this world will leave you unsatisfied. Though you may feel something temporarily; you know it will not last.


Fully accepting Me, My Characteristics, Lifestyle and Teachings are the only Way that void in your soul can be filled. That is just the way it is. Everything else is just a lie. Will you wait until it is too late to accept this Truth?


·      Your compass has been centered on you; being self absorbed has become your way of life. What is in it for me, is the main theme for your life.

·      You fail to understand the value and sincerity of genuine service to those with true needs; and the tender affections this service brings into their soul and yours.

·      You refuse to take the necessary time to experience the warmth and respect of Genuine Love: the Tender, Selfless Love I have for you. Because of this, you fail to experience the sincere and thoughtful love you can have for Me, and for every living soul.


When you refuse the finest Qualities of Life that I provided for you; you will never find the appreciation; or be able to experience the wonderful treasures that are available through the purposes in which I brought you into this life.


Because of these rejections and refusals, you fail to experience the grandeur and beauty; the majestic splendor, and the radiant, glowing dignity that is available to you. It is very sad that you turn from the impressive expressiveness found in My Way of Life. I so much want you to experience all that is wonderful, and you can, through Me; if you just step out and trust Me.


As long as you refuse to seek and find Me as I really AM, you will fail to see the Stunning Magnificence and Awe-Inspiring Glory of Eternal Living. Oh, if you only took, even a reasonable amount of time to see what you are missing.


What are some of the more defining characteristics of a real and genuine relationship between fellow humans?


·      It is where you do all you can to make the other person feel really special and important and needed.

·      You encourage them to excel in every way, and to enjoy every step of their journey.

·      You are there with patience, to help them through the learning curves.

·      You are there for them to lean on when their load is heavy.

·      You are there for support and to uplift when they mess up, or when they feel poorly about their self.

·      You are there for them when others walk away.


When was the last time you treated another person in these ways?


You either love Me and My Way of Life, or you do not. You do not get to pick and choose. If you think you can pick only what you can conveniently fit into your current agenda or lifestyle, while refusing the rest; you are a hypocrite. You are referred to as lukewarm, and you will bar yourself from Heaven and Eternity.


·      Make up your mind.

·      What do you want?

·      Truth or lies?

·      Genuine or hypocritical?

·      Temporary or Eternal?


Seek Me and accept Me for Who I really AM; not who you may have been misled to think I am. Or keep walking with devils, and follow them into the lake of fire; because that is exactly what they personally chose for their individual lives.


It is up to you to decide if you want to live according to the Truth, and look forward to all Eternity. Or if you want to die from the lies you chose to accept as if they were true.


It is up to you if you want to seriously use the incredible intelligence I created you with. If you let Me, I will help you step by step. I created you for Eternal purposes; do not fall for the lies and shortchange yourself. It obviously is not worth it. You already know through experience in this temporary world that lies do not benefit you.


You would not eat a piece of fruit that was clearly rotten, when there is fruit available that is ripe, and sweet and full of wonderful flavor. In like manner, do not fall for the lies, when so much Truth is available for you to feast on.  


I keep doing all I can to gain your attention and confidence in Me, but you are usually preoccupied. You spend so much time watching television and other frivolous time destroying activities. In a certain way, you act as though your life will never end. If you refuse to trust and believe Me, it will. That is not a threat; it is just the way it is.


As long as you believe the lies about all that is truly taking place, your life will only be temporary. Lies will not profit you, no matter how subtle or in your face they are. Only you fully accepting the Truth, and living according to the Truth will make you free. This is the only available Way in which I can bring you into Eternity with Me.


Lies will not get you to Me. Stop believing them, so you can live.


Do you want to honor yourself? Do you want to honor those you love? Do you want to honor Me? Then do so. Believe and trust the Truth of My Word which I provided for you.


It is not a shame to be a genuine Christian; but rather, an Eternal Glory. Be true to yourself; be true to those you love; be true to Me, and it is just a matter of time before you experience the genuine fruit and greatness of literal honor and Glory.  


It is time for you to clearly see the hard times and complicated conditions devils are forcing you into through their manipulation and lies. When you refuse to accept My Resources to protect and defend you; you make yourself vulnerable to the ways in which they belittle you.


As long as you reject the Truth, the devils will make a laughing stock out of you. Stop the abuse. Use your free will for your benefit; not your destruction. Seek Me with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Find out how pure My Love is for you. Find out what pure living is all about.  


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