Isaiah 1:14 Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.




·      Your religious services do not save you.

·      Your fasting from certain foods does not save you.

·      Your processions do not save you.

·      Your preacher, rabbi or priest can not save you.

·      You confessing your sins to a priest will not benefit or save you. If you have something to say, or if you are troubled about something, tell Me. I AM the Only One that can bring real peace to your soul, and benefit your Eternal Well Being.

·      You going through the motions, when your heart is not truly in them will not benefit you.


·      I can not help you when you keep giving Me the cold shoulder.

·      I can not protect you when you keep turning your back to Me.

·      I can not save you when you persist to live according to the dictates of devils and the persuasions of their human instrumentalities.

·      I can not work for you, when you keep letting devils play you.

·      I can not accept you when you are adamant in rejecting Me and My Lifestyle.

·      Devils are destroyers. When you dance to the tune of a destroyer; destruction is what you will eventually receive. That is just the way it is.


If that is the way you want to use your freewill and high level of intelligence that I gave you; that is certainly your decision.


·      I will not force you to love Me.

·      I will not force you to live a holy, pure and sanctified life.

·      I will not force you to be a joint heir of My Universe.


You are quickly wearing out the options I have to woo you to Myself.


·      Your cold heartedness toward purity.

·      Your listlessness toward righteousness.

·      Your disinterest toward innocent, selfless love.

·      Your disregard for most of what I have provided for you.

·      Your thanklessness for the Sacrifice I made for you.

·      Your disrespect for the purposes in which I created you.  


Clearly, all I keep doing for you has no real value or meaning to you. Why do you want to destroy all the greatness I put in place to assure you peace, joy and love - forever?  


·      Why are you letting others take advantage of your current limitations?

·      Why do you turn away from Me, when I want to teach you the marvels of in-depth knowledge?

·      Why do you turn from Me, when I want to teach you the amazing wonders and insightfulness of wisdom?

·      Why do you back away from Me, when I want to give you understanding into the realities that are taking place inside you, around you and throughout My Universe?

·      Why do you want to belittle the endless value of all I want to reveal to you, as if what you now have is some great feat?

·      Why would you ever consider succumbing to the sly deceptions in thinking that what you now have is just the way it is; that there is nothing else to look forward to; when you never even gave Me a real and honest chance to prove Myself to you?




Is this the way you really want to treat yourself? Do you seriously want to miss out on all the beauty and amazement I have prepared for those who choose to get totally realistic with Me?


·      Will you sink yourself to the lowest depths of guile, by continuing to bite into the lies that devils made up about Me?

·      Will you fall for the deceptions by believing their distortions of the Truths of My Holy Scripture?

·      Will you blindly accept the lies, without personally digging into My Word to see exactly what is Written?

·      Will you believe those on the pulpit who strangely take My Word out of context?  


Get back your self-respect.

Get back your sense of decency.

Quit wallowing in the mire of lies and trickery.

Quit letting connivers steal from you all that is wholesome, and the greatness I have made available to you.


I will get you out of the complicated maze you stepped into, if you just simply trust Me.


It is imperative that you fully understand that just because someone stands behind a pulpit, it does not mean they are telling you the Truth.


If you want to be lied to; if you want to be deceived, manipulated and eventually destroyed; then keep listening to devils, and those that choose to be responsive to them. When you bite into a lie, and turn your freewill over to them; there is nothing I can do for you as long as you stay in that frame of mind.


I will Guide you in to all Truth, and also show you things to come. I AM the Good Shepherd. I AM the One that laid down My Life, so you could choose to live.


Most of those who stand behind a pulpit are only hired. If you think they all care about your Salvation and Eternal Destiny; quit teasing yourself. Many of them do not even believe what My Word says.


·      Many are there just for the job.

·      Others were convinced into the position by a parent, or by someone they looked up to in their life.

·      Many can quote sections of Scripture, but they twist things around to present their own perspective, or that of their denomination or religion; instead of speaking according to the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

·      Some get emotionally aroused because of the position they have gained.

·      Others are excited and stimulated because of the power their position grants them.

·      Many have abused their position of trust in offensive and sickening ways.

·      Others are there because they want an income.


This is not the only earthly position that has been taken because it provides an income. For some, it provides great wealth. How little it will be on the last day, when Jesus Christ Returns for His saints, and they find themselves left behind. Too late they will come to the realization that they already received their reward, and that it went no further than the feeble things of this temporary world.


Yet, there are a few who diligently study My Word and speak the Truth.


·      They diligently look to Me for Insight and Light.

·      They are energetically learning and growing every day.

·      They gladly depend on Me to get them through this life at every step, and are not ashamed to do so.

·      They understand their temporary limitations, and lean on Me for support and strength.

·      They look forward to the moment when I will change their temporary bodies into Eternal ones in the twinkling of an eye, and bring them into Everlasting bliss. I AM calling you to this position. Will you walk with Me?


Many of you spent years in school. You know you had teachers that should have picked another career field. It is no different with many of those behind a pulpit.


Walking with Me is not a career; but rather, a Way of Life. It is up to you to decide what you want; the temporary or the Eternal. It is up to you to discover the unfathomable richness you will receive when you choose to walk with Me in Spirit and in Truth.


You personally know more than what you want to believe, because you intentionally ignore much of what is True. You think living according to the Truth will compromise your temporary feelings. When will you stop biting into such lies? Lies will only make you vulnerable to accept more deception, and the combination of lies and deception will deteriorate your soul at an increased rate.


·      When will you truly appreciate all that I made you to become?

·      I did not make you like anyone else.

·      When will you be grateful for your individuality?

·      When will you be glad about your genuine uniqueness?

·      When will you truly value your individual calling to Me?


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