Isaiah 1:15  And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.




When you spread forth your hands to Me in prayer, I can only do so much for you. When you have no sincere interest or determined commitment to take realistic time to get to know Me in Truth; why would you expect to receive anything, but the everyday Blessings I currently provide for all living beings on earth?


I can only give the meaningful Eternal Blessings to those who fully trust Me, and believe that I AM, exactly Who I say I AM.


When you turn from Me, devils are there to:


·      alienate you from well-grounded judgment.

·      remove you from your intelligent reasoning skills.

·      do all they can to make sure you know as little as possible when it comes to the most important aspects of your life.

·      take peace from your life.

·      take joy from your soul.

·      take love out of your heart.

·      ruin your state of being.

·      distort your sound mind.

·      separate you from the Eternal purposes in which you were created to fulfill.

·      destroy all that is important for your temporary and Eternal well being.    


I placed in My Universe, Pure, Perfect and Holy Laws. They are kept by those who have taken the time to see the beauty and sense in Them. All who keep My Laws do so because they found the Freedom that is obtained by having Them Written in their heart of mind.


Why would anyone only be interested in temporary advantages, when the breathtaking and stunning benefits are in the Eternal?


I make My sun rise and set around the whole world. I send rain and sunshine upon the earth to benefit all My earthly creation.


But, because of:


·      your personal decisions.

·      those you choose to teach, direct and rule over you.

·      the temporary ways of living you feel are more important than the weighty, Eternal matters of life.


Because of reasons like these, you are limiting many Blessings I want to share with you.


You are inviting floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, monsoons, hail, damaging storms and every other kind of unnatural disaster, because you turn from Me, and look to Satan for your ways of living. When you look to a destroyer for direction, destruction is where you will be led.


Even those that love and serve Me with a true and tender heart will deal with certain complicated situations; but nothing like those who choose to walk and live according to the teachings of devils.


If you want another god, other than Me: the True and Eternal God, you are subject to their ways of doing things. As I told you, devils are liars, thieves, murderers and destroyers. When you choose them instead of Me, you are bringing needless hurt, pain, misery and ruin into yourselves and into your lives.


Most of you do not realize you are walking with, and learning from one of two: either Me or some devil. There are no other options.


Which ever one you choose, along with the results on who you choose to walk with, and learn from, are clearly explained in detail in My Word. If you are unimpressed to study My Word, it is some devil that is hindering you from doing so. And for some strange reason, you are letting them get away with it.


My Holy Angels are joyfully and constantly at work servicing My Will on earth within the framework of My Universal Laws, and according to your individual freewill that I gave you.


My Holy Angels are making sure My Work is being accomplished according to Truth, Righteousness and Justice. They are doing this all in respect of the individual freewill I have given each of you.


My Holy Angels are providing for those among you who fully trust and genuinely love Me. Even though My saints do not always understand why I do, what I do, in the Ways I do; they know I AM working out all things to benefit them for their best and Eternal interests.  


For those of you who place little value in My Word, are showing how little value you place in Me. In turn, you are disrespecting yourself, the ones you say you love, and those you say you are care about.  


I make you free through My Word.

The devils bind you to destruction through their lies and deceit.


You can not have Me, the God of the Universe; and Satan, who is the god of this world, at the same time. You are either with Me, or you are with him. There is no neutral ground.


I keep the Laws I made in My Universe, because they assure the Genuine and Finest Qualities of Life. If you seriously took time to learn the Beauty of My Commandments, you would know exactly what I AM talking about.


·      I give Life. Satan brings in destruction and death.

·      I supply Truth. Satan spreads hearsay, fiction and orchestrated lies.

·      If you deny Me, you deny Eternal Life for yourself.

·      Your every decision has at least one consequence attached to it. Your every consequence will be determined upon your every decision; either for your benefit, or to your detriment.


You pray for people that are hurting; people who really need prayer. But so often, you do not even bother to go and give a helping hand when there is nothing stopping you from doing so.


There are typically two factors why you do not step out and help others:


1.    You do not want to get personally involved.

2.    You are too busy building temporary wealth for yourself, without accepting the fact that it will all be destroyed in a matter of time.


You say you belong to Me, but you are self-serving; that is not what I AM about.


You talk about all the corruption, the wars, the injustice, the killing and murder. And then you throw up your hands and say: there is nothing I can do about it - when you do not even try.


I took great care and delicateness in creating you. I created you to be so much more than what you have chosen to succumb to.


·      You say you hope there is Life Eternal, but your thoughts and actions contradict the directions to get there.

·      Many of you say you believe Eternal Life is real. Still, you hold on to each day as if it might be your last; when you know the definition for Eternal Life is living forever.

·      You insist in believing lies, instead of making wise and honest decisions by adjusting to My Way of Life.

·      I live according to sound judgment and wholesome principles. You think you will have to jeopardize your temporary experience for Eternal purposes, as if lies have real substance, and deception has meaningful value.


You know those who obtain Everlasting Life will be alive for ever more. Based on your current lifestyle decisions, do you honestly know if you are on the Path to Eternity with Me? If you are not absolutely certain; why not? You can be.


If you are not living according to Eternal certainties while calling yourself a Christian; your hypocrisy and inconsistencies will only cause confusion. You are not only confusing yourself, but you are giving misdirection to those around you that are looking for Me.


This confusion will complicate conditions for those who truly want to know Me for Who I really AM.


You will not benefit yourself as long as you are living a lie.   



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