Isaiah 1:16  Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;




·      It is time to do an incredibly thorough inventory of your self; especially your motives, intentions and thoughts; your entire frame of mind. 

·      It is time to be fully honest with yourself, to plainly see how much hypocrisy is in you. Then it is up to you to decide if you want Me to remove it all from you. It is only through your full cooperation and total agreement and determination to be free from hypocrisy, to where this will be an Eternal benefit to you.

·      It is time to evaluate how well you really know Me.  

·      It is time to see if your thoughts, words and actions are in perfect agreement, and if they are based on My Word.

·      It is time to see if you are the genuine loving person you claim to be; or if you are just loving others in ways that fit into your current mode of thinking and beliefs.

·      It is time to see if you are living a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and soul. Or if you really do not care about being My Holy temple - a place for My Presence to dwell in.  



·      It is time for you to see whose lifestyle you are choosing to live by, or if you are vainly attempting to straddle the fence on both sides. This will never work.

·      It is time for you to get into Scripture, to see Who I really AM.

·      It is time to walk the talk of a pure, holy and sanctified life in Me, and I in you.

·      It is time to give Me entrance into the very core of your being; that I can fulfill My Will in your life, and assure your Salvation and Eternal Destiny. Are you willing to trust Me to do this for you? I will not force you into this. I will not compromise your individual freewill. I will help you work through all this if you are totally serious about Eternal Life.



·      It is time to put away the lip service. It is time to be real, honest, true, sincere and genuine. There is nothing fake or phony in Me or in Eternity. I will only tell you exactly how things really are. Choose this day what you truly want; temporary or Eternal. You never know when you will breathe your last breath.


There is nothing that can come remotely close to compromising your one chance for Eternal Life. Such a decision goes way beyond insanity. Eternal Life is only for those with clear thought and a sound mind. And do not think for a single moment that this would exclude those who are considered to have a mental illness of some kind; you would be surprised what they know, and what they have access to.



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