Isaiah 1:17  Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.




·      It is time to seek Me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength while there is still some time for you.

·      I can fill your life with genuine goodness and great abundance of love, if you simply let Me; if you are being totally and fully honest about wanting this. This will not work out if you are halfhearted or partially interested.


Once you are definitely and completely with Me, there are some things that need to be taken care of. You do not have to be overwhelmed by any of this; I will accomplish these responsibilities in and through you. Trust and rest in Me; I know exactly what I AM doing.


·      It is time to stand up against the injustices taking place around you.

·      It is time to resist the corruption that is working hard to enslave you.

·      It is time to take back your freedom and rights from those who are working hard to steal them from you.


Now that you really do care and are determined to make a difference, it is vital to make a solid stand in righteousness and for decency; there is no time to waste when it comes to spreading My Love throughout your entire realm of influence.


·      It is time to stand up for the oppressed, the confused, those that are losing hope or have already lost it; the downtrodden, the abused, the abandoned, those who have no real friend, the exploited, the broken - and it is time to help them.

·      Be a big brother or big sister to those that have no father or mother; and befriend those that have irresponsible parents.

·      Give a helping hand to the widows in your neighborhood. Stand up to defend them, and stop those who are taking advantage of them and ripping them off.


Stay in step with Me, and do not be discouraged because of those who stand against you. Their issue is with Me. Relax, and everything will be taken care of. Do not concern yourself with the issues that arise. Everything will be taken care of in its time.  



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