Isaiah 1:20  But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.




·      But if you would rather keep doing what you have been doing.

·      If you want to wrap yourself in the cheap trifles and mediocrity of this limited world.

·      If you want to continue to be a play thing for some devil, and be ensnared by their lies, schemes and fraud.

·      If you want to hold on to the fear that is stopping you from stepping out and experiencing life to the full.


If these are some of the ideals you highly esteem; then make the most of what you have here and now; because this is all there will ever be for you. And when you breathe your last; do not expect anything else; ever; because there will not be anything left for you except the second and final death. You already received the fruits of your labors in this very temporary world.


Even if your life mostly consisted of difficult times and heartache; those are still the fruits of your labor. If you build your treasure in earthly things, and not in Heaven; all that you gathered here on earth is all there will ever be for you. It does not matter if they were pleasant things or unpleasant things; they are still the fruits of your labor.


You would be better off having very little in your earthly life; than to have much, and not have enough time to seriously get to know Me for Who I really AM.


Most people think they will eventually make it into Heaven. And there you go again; biting into another lie.


If you would study Scripture, you would know the Truth, and the Truth would make you free.


It does not matter if you currently believe and live according to:  


·      Some hunch.

·      What some person told you.

·      What some preacher, priest, rabbi  or some other religionist told you.

·      What some organization told you.


If what you have been told, or if what you choose to believe and live by contradicts Scripture, that is a blatant refusal to accept your personal responsibilities. I created you an intelligent being, with the capacity to study, learn and discern Truth from error.


If you do not have a genuine interest in knowing the difference between Truth and error; if you have no serious interest in living according to absolute Truth, it is obvious Eternal Life is no serious or valued matter to you either.  


You will absolutely be individually held accountable if you choose not to live according to the Truth. The consequences will be staggering, and will last forever. Why would you want to live according to lies anyway? You do not like being lied to, so why would you accept any lies from any source? Get serious.   


You can study and understand Scripture. You will not understand everything instantly. This is a study of a lifetime. It is kind of like putting a huge puzzle together. The more pieces you fit where they belong, the more you will see the whole picture of all that is going on.


The difference here is, there is no picture to look at ahead of time, like there is on the cover the puzzle pieces came in. It is up to you to trust Me to Guide you. It is essential for you to be responsive to Me, so I can open to you all that is important for you to know for the rest of your earthly life.


I will let you know why you are here, and what I called you to accomplish through Me. All good things take time. The question is: are you willing to give Me the necessary time to thoroughly teach you?


If you get into Eternity, you will continue to study the Amazing discussion of all human history. Those who go through will obviously experience all that Life Everlasting holds. If you are earnest, honest and sincere in wanting to know the Truth of what is going on, you can know so much now if you seriously begin to study My Word.


It is essential to understand the following: If you are set in your own ways or beliefs in any area of your life, and it contradicts My Word, you will not be able to see the Truth in any of these matters. Why not? Because you are filled up with your own beliefs and opinions, and there is no room in you for any other information than what you choose to believe at the current time.


It is not until you are willing to let go of the inaccuracies or miscalculations, to where I will be able to work with you in showing you the Truth in any and all areas of your life. Even if you read sections of Scripture over and over; if what you choose to believe are in contradiction to those areas of Scripture, it does not matter how many times you read through Them; there will be no real comprehension to what is being Said.


It will not be until you are willing to accept the Truth in those areas of your life, to where you will be able to see, discern, understand and know what is being Said, and how those Truths pertain to you and the time you are living in.


Studying to know what My Word Says is an ongoing learning experience. The more you contemplate any Section of Scripture, the deeper and richer your understanding will flourish, as long as you are absolutely willing to know the Truth.


If you think you will live forever by closing your eyes to Truth, and keep believing lies that pertain to My Character, My Word, My Laws and your place in all of this, it is not true.


·      I know the thoughts I think toward you; thoughts of peace, and not of evil.

·      I want you with Me in Eternity.

·      I want to be responsive to you when you call on Me.


·      But as long as you ignore or belittle the Truth;

·      Or if you think the Truth will inconvenience your temporary earthly experience in some way, and you reject any Truth that I reveal to you;

·      And if you choose to cling to lies;

·      there is no way I can benefit you in Eternal Ways.

·      Make up your mind. What do you want?


It is not until you seek Me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, that you will begin to grasp on to Who I really AM, and what I AM about. It is then, when you will begin to experience the joy and peace that comes when you sincerely and honestly walk with Me in Truth.


Your temporary life on earth is not a game; it is not something for you to minimize in any way. This is your one and only chance to get into Eternity with Me. If you miss out for what ever reasons, it is because of the decisions you make for your individual life that will stop you from coming Home to Heaven with Me. There will be no one else to blame.


·      Your choices do have certain repercussions in this transient world.

·      Your decisions have absolute Eternal ramifications regardless how you feel about it.

·      Through your every choice and decision, you will determine whether your life will continue, or have a definite and absolute end.

·      The Way has been cleared for you, and it is entirely up to you to decide what you want.

·      Truth or deception - which one do you want forming your thought patterns and way of life? You definitely want to live sober-mindedly, considering all that is at risk.


There are so many lies going around. If you refuse to verify what you hear or believe through a diligent study of Scripture; then deal with your sure consequences of a very short life. But be assured, it does not have to be that way.


Study, and let Me teach you. Do not leave your future in question or in doubt; the cheap thrills and lies are not worth it.


Even if you live to be a hundred years old; it is nothing but a single breath of air; a fast blink of an eye - compared to all Eternity. Get real, will you?


I had the Truth Written for you. Lying is not in My Character. Therefore, it is impossible for Me to lie. Lying is totally and completely worthless. There is no benefit in lies. If the lies you choose to believe do not make a mess of things instantly, they eventually will. The longer a lie goes on, the more complications and damage it will certainly cause.


What ever you or any other says contrary to My Word; you are definitely putting your life in grievous, absolute and eternal jeopardy, and also the lives of those you influence. Be assured, it is not worth it in any way, shape or form.


I made you to enjoy life, and to enjoy it to the full. If you are not, it may be time for you to reanalyze what you are doing and who you are choosing to believe, and why. Granted, there will be times of sadness and sorrow in your life. But when I come to dwell in you, My Joy will sustain you through it all, because this Joy is Eternal.


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