Isaiah 1:21  How is the faithful city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.




America was referred to as the land of the free, and home of the brave. America was a place where people came because they found out the hard way what it was like to live in an environment of:


·      forced submission.

·      manipulated subjection.

·      fear of imprisonment or death, if you considered thinking for yourself outside the decreed beliefs of the time.


People who wanted to fully experience genuine freedom in a world of oppressive dictators and tyrannical rulers did everything they could to get to America and become a lawful Citizen. They were quick to joyfully learn the English language. They gladly upheld and defended the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


America was once the home of people who were willing to brave the unknown; to step outside the box, regardless of the challenges they knew for a certainty they would face. America was the place you could live according to your personal conscience; a place where morality was taken seriously and deeply appreciated by most. Morality was the glue that held society together.  


The people that came here knew they would have to brave the elements, regardless how tough the storms of life would hit them. They understood the real value of freedom, what was required to defend it, and what was necessary to keep it intact.


Those that came before you knew what it was like to work hard and feel good about it. They enjoyed the fact you could own what you worked and paid for, without government loopholes manipulating it back from you through unlawful or indiscriminate regulations and taxation.


·      You would typically only complain when workers were treated unfairly or abusively.

·      Mooching was not acceptable.

·      It was common to help individuals with true needs, and for many, to the point of inconveniencing their own selves to do it.

·      Living on handouts was offensive when you had the capacity to do some kind of work; even if it meant at times, having very little to live on.

·      Real men and women avoided doing business with businesses that were crooked and dishonest, or worked to destroy the fabric of society; even if it cost more to make purchases somewhere else.

·      You learned to live within your means.

·      You learned new skills out of necessity.

·      You did not take life or friends for granted.


Most people served Me the best they knew how back then, and were not ashamed to do so. They did not think it belittling to study My Word; but rather, this was their Safeguard and Surety.


Because you as individuals, as communities, as states and as a nation, let down your guards; because you turned your lives over to politicians, bureaucrats, special interests and mega businesses; that is why you have  entered times of severe:


·      delusion.

·      upheaval.

·      debt.

·      chaos.

·      sickness and disease.

·      war.

·      unwarranted levels of unemployment.

·      and division.


That is why the conditions in which you now live are so strange. It is not because they seem strange; it is because they are not the way America has been. The ways that are being forced on you are no longer the ways to prosperity and peace, but mediocrity, destruction and annihilation. 


Politicians you voted for, and bureaucrats they hired to work for them, chose to prostitute their positions and signatures out to the highest bidder; totally contrary to the laws they swore to uphold and defend.


You have been sold down the river, and you let it happen to your own selves. You chose to preoccupy your time and attention with:


·      the frivolous things of supposed entertainment.

·      the superficial things of nit-picking.

·      building as much as you can for yourself, failing to realize they manipulated the laws to bring you into excessive debt, where you really do not own anything of substantive value anymore. It is an illusion they formed around you - a lie they convinced you to believe.   


And now that conditions are no longer going your way, you stoop to the blame game, when each and every one of you is just as guilty to various extents and degrees.


You can point as many fingers as you want, but if you want to be realistic, you will first point your finger at yourself and correct your own issues. Your example will catch on with some of those around you; the ones that still have a sense of decency, and that truly care about other people, and not just their own self.


For some strange reason, you let your thoughts become diluted to believe freedom in this world of corruption is free. Tell that to the families of loved ones who died fighting to protect and defend your freedom and rights.


It is clear many of you have very little genuine value for the freedom and rights you have been carelessly disrespecting and trashing as worthless. You might as well spit on the graves of those brave soldiers that died in your behalf. 


America was once cherished because of its fair, impartial laws, and its extraordinary sense of justice. Most of the time, most American people had a strong enough conscience to have respect for one another, and treated each other with at least a reasonable measure of courtesy. They typically did what was best for the individual, even if it was not easy or popular among the majority, or to the governments of the rest of the world.


Now you have murderers that have infiltrated your ranks, who are  manipulating all they can, for the purpose of destroying any resemblance of what made America the best, wealthiest and most charitable nation on earth.


You turned your allegiance to the government, special interests and the military complex hierarchy, and told Me to take a hike. Now you wonder why you are plagued with:


·      persistent illnesses.

·      increased disease.

·      thousands dying in needless wars.

·      trillions spent on preventable wars.

·      backstabbing and hatred.

·      class and social warfare.

·      more severe and deadlier disasters.

·      financial disruption and turbulence.


Special interests started instigating all this behind closed doors, but are now doing it right in front of your face. They took those you put in office for a ride, because of the politician's, bureaucrat's and judge's:


·      greed for money.

·      lust for control.

·      craving for prestige.


They sold you out for special interests, and make you pay for all their bills,  waste and fraud.


You know My Word speaks of plagues in the last days, but I do not produce them. The ones that have taken charge as overlords over you are bringing horrible, relentless disasters upon the earth, and escalating sickness, infections and viruses upon the people.


You are willingly subjecting yourselves to devils and their human pawns, in thinking you no longer have need of Me. You left yourselves defenseless, as sheep among wolves, and you have the audacity to wonder why the world is such a mess.


You are bringing upon your own selves, your own demise in the ways you have been manipulated to attack each other, instead of coming together and working through your problems, setbacks and complications. You are making it so easy for them to destroy you.    


Devils are working with their human puppets in governments, special interests and mega businesses to quickly:


·      Destroy your land.

·      Corrupt your minds through legal and illegal drugs, and other methods of brain manipulation and exploitation.

·      Poison your food, air, water, soil and your own bodies.


In other words; you are letting them bring the human race to a slow and painful death because you, as individuals and as a people, refuse to put your trust back in Me; and refuse to hold them accountable for their wickedness and cruelty.


You are bringing shame upon your forefathers that went through devastating times and even death to assure your rights and freedom over a couple centuries ago. You are making it perfectly clear that you have no clue or appreciation of the cost.


You are letting a few destroy you as individuals, as families, as communities and as a nation. You have succumbed to the false illusion that you can do nothing to stop it. You are doing what many of you teach a dog as a trick: to roll over and play dead.


Typically, you humans do not appreciate what you have until it is gone. So it is happening with your individual rights and freedom in America. You decided to kick back and let Hollywood, the sports industry and special interests entertain and pacify you from the cradle to the grave.


You crowd around your television sets as if they were your gods; as if watching their programming was your first, second or third most important and valued activity of your entire life:


·      instructing you according to their fiction of life.

·      instructing you how to live your life.

·      instructing you what to believe and not believe.

·      instructing you how to spend your money.

·      instructing you to surrender your freedom and rights.

·      instructing you how to treat others that do not have the same views they manipulate you to accept.


If you saw yourself on a video in front of the television, and saw how  mesmerized you are by it; you might begin to understand more clearly what is being said to you. You would even be insulted by how much time you devote to such nonsense, when you could be constructively educating yourself with real life, instead of what they are trying to mold you into.


Do you even care or want to understand how much influence and control you have given over to the false gods behind the scenes that are programming you into their mind numbing, thought destroying, moral ruining, ethics obliterating stupor?  


Between that, and you letting your public servants dictate and rule over you, while they regulate your freedom, privacy and private property from you, is:


·      beyond any sensible reasoning.

·      beyond any levelheaded logic.

·      beyond any sound principles.

·      beyond any sense of intelligent judgment.  


In America, you still have the right to stand up and say - NO MORE!


·      But you refuse to tell them you are not going to be played by them any longer.

·      You refuse to tell and show them, you are not the stupid idiot they keep trying to convince you of being.


You have been provided the easiest means possible to get them off your back and keep them in check. Simply vote the leeches and traitors out of office. Keep voting them out until you get individuals that will get back to the rule of law, and return to Me.


I yearn to restore sanity to you individually and as a nation. If you took time to study My Word, you would already know that, and you would not be dealing with the extreme complications you now have.


You obviously do not care about the many millions that gave their life defending My Word to the death, so you could have what was Written for you today.


When will you have an appreciation for the endless Blessings that are available to you, but for strange reasons, refuse to accept?  


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