Isaiah 1:22  Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water:




·      You let a privately owned and operated company for profit, charge you to use your own money, to where its real value has been diminished by nearly 100%. 100 years ago a penny had real purchasing power, and now they are working to eliminate it as worthless, inconvenient and cumbersome.


·      You let this federal reserve take the metal backing away from your paper currency, via your crooked politicians, and let them turn it into a system of key stroke entries into a computerized ledger. What you now call money has value, based only on what a few money manipulators are saying currencies are worth, and nothing more. Your entire monetary system is rigged against you.


·      Cereals and many other processed meal and liquid substances are made of more by-products, or treated with synthetic or artificial matter, rather than genuine, healthy food stuffs.


·      Most of what you drink has become nothing but artificial flavoring in tainted water; or made with a sweet tasting drug, or a sweetener that has been made artificial through the toxic process of GMO manipulation.   


·      You let real ingredients in food be replaced with untested biotech science experiments.


·      You let real health practices be replaced with a drug industry; drugs that have side effects that no one in their right mind would even consider taking. Many of you bit into the lie that the natural health methods and substances found in nature are outdated and useless. Yet, the pharmaceutical industry, via your politicians, keep trying to take the real and natural substances away from your grocery store shelves. If they do not own and control it, they do not want you having access to it.


·      How can you wonder why you are dealing with various illnesses, allergies, disease and issues of being overweight? The plagues brought on by devils, and spread by their human minions have you so drugged out and void of real nutrition, that your reasoning skills have greatly diminished.


·      You let them manipulate your thought processes to the point where you believe just about anything they tell you through their commercials and reports. If you gave all this serious thought, you could plainly see none of this adds up, and is putting your health and well being in heightened jeopardy.


·      You let thieves creep in stealthily to strip away your freedom and rights through manipulation, coercion and other underhanded and wretched schemes. You are no longer led by reasonable people in positions of trust; but rather, greedy, pompous control freaks that use intimidation and fear to pressure you into forced submission. Why did you let them get away with such things? Are not these disgraceful, appalling and insulting to you? Why did you pawn off the intelligence and freedom I gave you for disinterest, passive surrender and cowardice? Why did you give them control over you, by letting them make you feel inferior and dumb? Turn to Me, so I can restore what you let them take from you.


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