Isaiah 1:23  Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.




·      Most politicians at every level refuse to do what is in the best interests of the people they claim to serve; they are more unprincipled than the most unruliest of teenagers. They are disobedient and have no respect to the laws they claim to uphold and defend. They live their lives as if they are above the law; and you let them get away with it, when in fact, they work for you.


·      You wonder why certain individuals are doing outlandish things and committing unrestrained crimes. All you have to do is look at your claimed leaders breaking the laws of the land without hesitation or sense of guilt, to figure out why a few have stepped beyond all sense of reasoning; choosing to scheme and murder without a second thought. Between that, a faulty medical system, the pharmaceutical industry pumping your bodies with toxic waste; your food void of real nutrition, Hollywood and video games promoting such activities; it is not surprising a few have slipped into the dark side of existence.  


·      Most politicians are passing enormous, far reaching bills, packed with freedom stealing regulations and costly legislation on to you that are written by or for special interests. Then they sign and pass them into law without even reading what is in them with a smile on their face. They do not care how much all this costs you, or how abusively they infringe upon your rights. They charge you outrageous amounts of compensation to take advantage of you, and they send you all the bills and demand payments. They do not have the stomach to stand for what is right and honest; they are spineless when it comes to decency and genuine respect for you and your children.


·      Many people who claim to be professionals in their field, and who appear to be sophisticated and intelligent, are nothing but two bit hoodlums. They sell their dishonest wares and words to those who want to manipulate social thinking, while others buy politicians to rob you blind, and cheat you out of what I have been providing for you. 


·      There are a few manipulators with great wealth who pull the strings of politicians and bureaucrats, and make them dance to their songs. They are behind the corrupt ways of the manipulative monetary and banking systems in various ways, and are embezzling trillions of dollars from you with a smirk on their face. They laugh among themselves in amazement that they are getting away with such corruption, fraud, subversion and demoralizing debasement with nothing more than grumbling and minor discontent from you.


·      Politicians let thieves, connivers and moochers steal hundreds of billions of dollars every year from you through the enactments they put in place.

·      They make you pay fees for many licenses that are not necessary for you to have.

·      They charge you fees for needless regulations they put in place that benefit no one but their own selves and their special interest groups that pay them off.

·      They fine you for regulations they have no right to put into their legal claims that they falsely bring against you.

·      They sue you if they do not get their way; as if they own America; as if this country was not of, by and for the people. They conduct themselves as if America and your money are for their own arrogant use, self-gratification and personal enrichment.

·      They charge you for outrageous salaries, pensions and other benefits and perks, as if these public servants were your masters.

·      They heartlessly keep raising your taxes and expenses through various ways, and word their legal claims, so they can charge you ludicrous fines to make sure you keep paying for their ever growing black hole of theft, abuse and fraud.

·      Then they, in their radical and extremist arrogance, dare to say they need more money.

·      They refuse to control what they already get with meticulous scrutiny like you have to do with your money. They are adamantly against careful, attentive frugality when it comes to what they have already offensively manipulated from you.

·      Still, they are unsatisfied, and you let them rob you blind, to the point where they are charging your unborn children for their fanatical, financial terrorist-like excessiveness. They try to convince you through threat and fear, that America and the whole world will completely fall apart if you do not keep providing all the money they demand from you.


·      Most politicians, bureaucrats and judges love the perks that come with their positions. They sell you out for a vacation, a tie, a bottle of wine, a purse, a pair of shoes, or some other insignificant gift or advantage. They sell their soul to those they know they can get perks and other benefits from. And then they come to you with a grin on their face, trying to convince you they are doing everything for your best interests. They pass laws and judgment according to what they receive under the table, while they throw you under the bus, or in front of a high speed train.


They care nothing about the poor, or the widows, or those with a single or no parent; even though they say they do. Just watch their actions and pay attention to how they write their laws and bills. Check out how they pass  judgment. What they do tells the real story - not what they say.


If you still fall for their lip service, you obviously do not care how they are taking you for granted, often to the point of abuse and exploitation. You obviously do not care they are treating you as if you are one of their personalized walking, working ATM machines, instead of a human being with freedom and rights.


You also let them manipulate you, in getting you to think they are your boss; when in fact, you are their boss. You have the right to fire your politicians  and most judges through the election process, and through impeachment, and to bring criminal charges against their corruption. But you let them continue their criminal activities without restraint, or maybe give them a slight slap on the wrist.


They embezzled the Social Security fund, and so many other funds that have been set aside for investment and savings for the people. They try to convince those of you who paid into these programs that it really was not your money after all.


They say in nice words with a smile on their face, that you will get paid what we say you will get paid, and quit complaining and shut your mouth. We decide who gets what! And that is the end of the discussion. At the same time all this is going on, they are brainstorming on more ways to milk you even more; typically by stealing more of your freedom, rights and money. 


What hideous arrogance, blatant thievery and shameless attitudes. And yet, you vote them back in so they can assure your children are forever in debt, and that your grandchildren can be their enslaved wards of the state. There is nothing new under the sun. You people refuse to study history. Therefore, you have repeated the same or similar atrocities against yourselves as did many generations in the past. How shameful; how dishonorable; how reprehensible; what horrible disrespect for the children you say you love so much.   


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