Isaiah 1:24  Therefore saith the Lord, the LORD of hosts, the mighty One of Israel, Ah, I will ease me of mine adversaries, and avenge me of mine enemies:




Therefore, know for a certainty, that I AM the Just God. I will see to it that every individual soul receives their just reward; their exact due. The lake of fire was set up for devils, because they chose to lie, steal, murder and destroy for their way of life.


In doing so, they will eventually reap what they have sown, and receive the fruit of their labors. Their human counterparts that have chosen, and continue to choose to follow in their footsteps; either directly or indirectly, will receive like destruction they helped bring about throughout the earth.


If you refuse to stand up for Truth, decency, respect and love for all of humanity, you are in direct agreement with devils - it is as simple as that. If you are so caught up in the frivolous things of this world; and if you have no care, interest or concern for the injustices taking place around you, and around the world; you are being used as a pawn.


If you refuse to snap out of it, you will receive the same fate of devils, because of your cold indifference toward your fellow human beings. In this cold and indifferent frame of mind, you obviously have little or no respect for life; therefore your life will only be temporary.  


All who brought about, or continue to bring misery and heartache, or needless complications into the lives of other humans, either directly or indirectly, will reap what they have sown. Those that chose to, and those that choose to involve their own selves in such actions, will be held accountable as accomplices to this corruption and crime (transgression and sin). Those who chose not to take a stand against the injustices and dishonesty in constructive ways, will be held accountable as accessories to these criminal activities.


The temporary things most of you hold in such high esteem through your self-absorbed ways of thinking, will eventually see what you flaunted had no real value when Eternity is realized by them that did what they could, with what they had.


Too late will be some of the last words the self-centered will ever experience. Why? Because they chose not to turn away from their self-interested ways, and their self-regarding dealings, and refused to take a solid stand for Truth, decency and justice for all.


·      Those who took advantage of others will receive their just wages for their selfish carelessness.


·      Those who persecuted the ones that chose to walk with Me; it will cost them their lives because they chose to walk with devils. In turn, they will follow them into the lake of fire – the second and final death. The sin that is in them will finish them off, because the lies they accepted can not save them. 


·      Those who were unwilling to take a stand for what is right; it will cost them their life, because they chose not to value the life they were freely given; they refused to defend those who did not have the strength or know-how to defend their own selves. 


·      Those who thought they were fooling others in pretending to live a Christian life; they will find out they were playing the role of a fool, and were being played by devils. They too will be partakers of the lake of fire, because they sacrificed authenticity for a short term ego trip of some kind. They did not accept Me for Who I really AM. In turn, they would not allow Me to save, defend and protect them. They made their own death bed for their own self, and now they are to occupy it unto dust and ashes.


Your love for Me and the human race is either genuine, or it is not. Attempting to straddle the fence does not work. Hypocrisy is unacceptable. Lip service will not benefit you.


You either fully trust Me so I can protect and defend you; or you take the word of a deceiver, and forfeit Eternal Life for the unprofitable lies you chose to accept.


If you chose to accept inaccurate statements or blatant lies; then before the 2nd and final death takes place, you will freely confirm and declare with your own mouth that the termination of your life is rightly justified. You will fully agree to the final judgment as just and correct - you will agree to your life coming to a permanent end because of the decisions you chose to make during your life unto the end.


You will reap what you sow. You will either have a genuine care for the well being of every living human soul; or it will eventually be clearly seen that you did not truly care as you may have claimed you did.


Eternity is for those who truly care for anyone and everyone in sincerity and in Truth. Heaven is for those who were not willing to compromise the standards I live by, and the Commandments I have given you - which are One in the Same.


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