Isaiah 1:4  Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.




If you only knew how My Heart aches for your temporary and Eternal well being. How little most of you are aware that your lawmakers and judges are destroying your rights and freedom I provided for you; and they do it before your very eyes. They tell you it is for your own good and for your security. And you fall for it without question or objection, as if they are some high and mighty ones of great intellect.


Your lives are riddled with sin sickness, while your freedoms are being stripped from you. You  wonder why everything is falling apart, but you fail to see you have walked away from Me and  refuse My Protection.


With each generation you degrade yourselves more than the last. This is  because you fail to study history to see the abuses of past governments, and the unwillingness of the people to stand up for themselves. What is so pathetic in America; is you, the people, have the authority over your leadership; and you do nothing to stop the abuse, exploitation and criminal activities that are rampant among them.   


You fail to realistically raise your children with the values and priorities that have genuine substance and meaningful worth. Every generation compromises more than the last. Through your own decisions, you are a people weighed down by the impiety and wickedness of your own making.


You refuse to stand up and say – no more lying, cheating, stealing and degrading. No more corruption. No more compromise! I do not want to find myself voting for the lesser of two evils to reign over me.


Where are the righteous? Where are they that care? In this, you do not even consider you ignore and belittle the ones that do really care. You let the media convince you that they are extreme, and not to pay attention to them. They go too far. In this, you fail to realize you are the one that has gone too far. You are the one that has no interest in living a holy, righteous life.


You corrupt yourselves more as time goes on; and because it is so gradual, you do not notice it enough to do anything to stop it.


You keep telling Me, your Creator and God, to stay out of your life. You do this mostly through your thoughts; a lot by your actions, and even by the words you often speak. Do you even pay attention and listen to yourself anymore?


If you could see your life for a day play out on a video tape; would you even recognize yourself? If the face was changed to hide your identity; what would you say about the actions of such a person? Would you see your life contradicting the person you say you are?


You tell your children to live a more decent kind of life. You tell them to do what is respectable and proper. Yet, they often watch you living contrary to what you tell them. You think other people do not see your hypocrisy, but you barely attempt to cover it up.


You put your children in front of the television with shows that mock morality and ethics; and then you wonder why they do many of the disrespectful and thoughtless things they do as they get older. You wonder why they feel so poorly about who they are as a person. You try to convince yourself that you did not teach them to live that way.


No, you let Hollywood and the news entertainment industry teach them. You also pay to have them go to a schooling system that abandoned morality, ethics,  and Me - your Creator and God.


You ask your child: Where did you learn that? Then you tell them: Do not do or say that anymore. Or did you let the government stop and silence you from properly disciplining your own children? You wonder why your rights are being stripped from you? It is because you let your public servants walk all over you.


You exercise the freewill I have given you to turn your back to Me, and to My Way of Life.

When you turn from Me, devils are there, enticing you into things that will not benefit you. The enticing may have some kind of attraction at first, but the motives and intents are to corrupt you. The devils want you to reach a point, where you think you can not turn away from where they have led you.


They mess with your emotions, and get you to believe you have gone too far; that I would never take you back because of the ways you have chosen to live.


It is important for you to know devils claim My Characteristics as their own. They take their characteristics, and say that is the way I AM. Because you fail to let Me guide and direct you into all Truth; you fall for their lies time and again.  


Those of you who never accepted, or fully accepted the Genuine Authenticity of My Being; devils will continue to play with your mind, and attempt to convince you that I have no sincere interest in you.


Do not fall for their lies. Though you may gain a temporary thrill of some kind from their deceptions. In time, you will find out the supposed thrill was nothing but a con job - and you let yourself fall for it. Why? Because you never took a reasonable amount of time to get to know the Real Me.


Satan started lying to Adam and Eve in the Garden I made special for all of you. Satan has been increasing the lies ever since he got the first lie through. I made sure Adam and Eve knew the Truth from the very beginning. But Adam and Eve thought they would try something else. They found out too late it was the worst decision they ever made.


They had the knowledge and experience of goodness, but they did not have the experiential knowledge of wickedness until they bit into the lie. Though the fruit had a wonderful taste to it; it became a souring experience in their soul.


They thought they were going to experience some eye opening revelation that was going to be great. It did not take long for them to see how offensive, insulting and degrading the lie was. But now it was too late to stop the consequences from being fulfilled.


How often you refuse to listen to Me, only to find out how hurt you will be by rejecting My Counsel.


I made sure the Truth was always available to the human race. In time, I had all that was necessary for you to know Written out. Now most of you think My Word is a relic from the past. You have been swindled to think you have evolved beyond what I know. Oh, how the deceptions keep rolling from the master serpent; charming you with lies that do not profit you.


In fact, if you keep falling for the lies, your life will steadily sink into heartache, pain, lethargy, boredom and a feeling of being alone - even when people are all around you. You will become more run down and exhausted, to the point of lifelessness.


Most of you will experience at least one form of illness, disease or brokenness. You will find out what it is like to have the life taken out of your soul while you are still standing on your feet. Since this often happens at a very gradual pace, you do not notice it until disease and exhaustion have taken their dire toll; usually beyond reasonable repair.


The devils are working hard, and convinced you to a great extent to forfeit:


·      Deep internal peace that nothing can disturb. Even when chaos surrounds you, or horrible things are being done to you; you can still have peace from Me that passes all human understanding. Why do you refuse Me, and shortchange yourself? 


They are working hard, and convinced you to a great extent to forfeit:


·      Deep internal joy that sustains you no matter what you are going through; even through the sad experiences that happen in this temporary world. Why do you reject this?


They are working hard, and convinced you to a great extent to forfeit:


·      Deep internal and sustained vitality that will uphold you no matter how difficult others try to complicate your life, or attempt to make you feel less than the person I made you to be. Why do you allow this?


They are working hard, and convinced you to a great extent to forfeit:


·      Your relationship with Me by confusing you with mixed messages. They get lies started that sound kind of right, but have just enough lie to mislead you from the Truth. Why do you fail to see that their ultimate goal is to bring about your eventual ruin?


What will you receive in exchange for deep internal peace, joy, vitality and a wholesome relationship with Me? Just remember, they are liars, thieves, murderers and destroyers, and they are very good at it. They are working hard to take you down, but they will also drop little nuggets of cheap thrills to keep you on the wide road to destruction.


They are on the road to death and complete annihilation, and they know it. If you choose to be responsive to them, and not to Me, that is where you will find yourself; it is your choice. I will not force you to accept Life Eternal. Choose wisely who you want to walk with.


You can choose My Path, and find out what it is like to become a whole person through the experiences in which you find yourself, you can then use those experiences to benefit others.


You can choose to grow in leaps and bounds, and let your experiences solidify your relationship with Me.


Or you can let the questionable or cold hearted experiences you have gone through, shatter your life to the point where you feel life is no longer worth living. You can succumb to the thought that all you have is a temporary appearance on earth; and then you are no more, ever.


I have given you the Sure Way of Life. Who will you let lead you? Will you trust and believe  Me: the God of the Universe; or Satan: the god of this world? Will you trust the Creator or a creation?


If you choose to refuse to find out the absolute Truth of what is really going on in every area of your life, you will fall for all kinds of lies. The decision is yours, and you are accountable for your every decision, action and thought. You have been created a highly intelligent being. If you choose to belittle all that you have been made to be - how sad for you. But be assured - it does not have to be that way at all.


If you want, your life can be filled with great abundance and the True Riches of Life - the choice is totally up to you. If you choose to believe lies, you will not have the expected end most of you are hoping for. That is what lies do: they keep you from what is possible.


Liars want to keep you from obtaining what is available for you to gain. If you want to bite into such nonsense; that is your decision. My Will for you is that you have life, and that you have life in great abundance - so much more than you are willing to imagine.


The human manipulators in this world want to bar you from wealth and freedom. What ever you have gained; they want to take from you. At the same time, they want all wealth, and the freedom to do whatever their selfish hearts desire. If you let them manipulate you, they will figure out ways to keep you under their oppressive thumb. Why do you refuse to call their bluff?


The devils work hard to keep you separated from the Truth, because they do not want you gaining what they strangely chose to leave. They became wise in their own eyes, but found out they were not nearly as smart as they once thought.


You can ignore these Truths as much as you want; if you want. But it is just a matter of time before you see the reality of what has taken place; what is taking place, and all that will be available to those who fully and joyously accept the Absolute Truth and My Wonderful Way of Life.


Many people choose to live according to various lies; most, or all of their entire thinking life. Pride, stubbornness, envy, bitterness for what ever reason; disrespect for who they are as a person; or often covetousness, arrogance or conceit keep many people in the dark; never giving the Truth a fair and honest chance.  


So many people attempt to fill the void in their soul with a quick fix. Some people think they can pull up to a drive through window and pick up some kind of intellectual, emotional or some soul-satisfying filler on the run. They hope it will at least pacify their deep soul cravings; even if it is just for a little while.


There is only One Way to fill the void in the very core of your soul being, and that is by letting the Absolute Truth make you free.


Falling for the temptations devils entice you with will only pacify your spirit for a very limited  time. Eventually, you will personally find out if you were tricked to make decisions that bring about your eternal fall or not. Many will sadly find out the future life they were hoping for will never happen for them, because of the personal decisions they made.


Why is that?


There are many people who strangely think they know more than the One that created them.  Many people think they know what will satisfy the hunger and thirst within their soul. Yet, they have no clue in how they were made. Still, they think they have obtained some inner sense that makes them wise to understand their every inner working and desire.


I know exactly how I made you. I know what your soul craves in the very core of your being. Why do you refuse to listen to Me? I know what your soul yearns for. I know how to satisfy your deep inner cravings for fullness of life. Why do you refuse to let Me teach you?


Because most of you are excessively preoccupied with the very temporary things of this world; you fail to realize and experience the pure and perfect, unconditional, selfless love I have for you.


I gave you a freewill and the ability to fully accept Me; and also the opportunity to ignore and fully reject Me. I created you with amazing reasoning skills. Will you ignore them to shortchange yourself?


You may think you are some mighty one if you refuse to accept the wisdom I have; and also the insight I so much want to share with you. Will you too find out too late that you were not as smart as you once thought?


It does not have to be that way. Think about it: I AM the Creator of all things; of course I know everything. You do not have to feel less of a person because you do not know all things. Walk with Me, and I will teach you what I know.




·      Will you find out too late you have been letting the conniving workings of manipulators pull your strings and make you dance to their tune?

·      Will you find out too late that you allowed your own self to be nothing more than a puppet for devils to laugh at and make fun of? To turn you into their joke?

·      Will you find out too late that you have been radical and excessive in gullibility – even though you thought you were so much in control?   


In time, and for most of you; you will find out the arrogance and pride you have been swayed to live by, will bring ruin and ultimate destruction. This will not only happen to the earth as you presently know it; but most sadly - to your own soul.


It is not that I will destroy you. But you are making your own personal decisions that will bring about your own destruction to your own individual soul. You choose to frame your life on many lies while ignoring the Truth. In this, you think you know what is really going on. I made you with great intelligence. If you refuse to use this talent for your own benefit, there is not much left for Me to do for you.


I will not force the Truth upon you. If you refuse to take sufficient time to reason things out, that is your decision. You can choose to be wise in your own eyes; but you will not be happy with the results.


You ought to understand that your human abilities, comprehension and capacities are less compared to devils. You may not have fully grasped on to the fact that devils at one time were holy Angels. Though they too were Blessed with a free will; I did not create humans the same way I created Angels.


When those, who are now referred to as devils, thought they were more wise than they really were. When they felt My Commandments were a hindrance to them obtaining better and greater spheres of enlightenment; they forfeited very special traits they were created with. They chose to ignore the pure benefit My Commandments are for all living beings.


·      Purity began to change into immorality, degradation and deprivation.

·      Goodwill began to turn into ill-will, animosity and malice.

·      They began to cause division and chaos from that which was unity and perfection.


All the wonderful qualities they were created with, began to morph into horrible attributes that no longer profited them as living beings. They had opportunity to turn back to Me, but because of their own particular reasons they refused.


Just as you; they too had the freedom to choose their own destiny; either for Life Eternal or for eventual death. They chose to belittle the reality of consequences and honest justice. I do not force any of My created beings to love Me, or to live with Me forever. Lies can not save anyone. Only the Truth has the capacity to make you Free.


Eventually, the unreasonable bitterness and hostility they had toward Me and the Angels that chose to stay with Me began to consume them. They did not want humans experiencing the love and peace I Live by. Devils have been doing all they can to hinder you from experiencing this Wonderful Way of Life.


The hate devils formed against Me; they have been taking out on the human race. Satan used his conniving ways to manipulate the Truths I had given. He has been distorting Them just enough to bring about his own destructive purposes.


Just a word here and there can change the whole meaning of a statement to deceive. It started out with one lie. Then another. Then another; and on it went. Even though I informed Adam and Eve of the deceiver; they did not take heed to the warning.


I tell the Truth; that is all there is to it. Lies are worthless to Me. I have no use for them. They cause heartache, misery, pain and death. I AM all about Eternal Living.


The Truth always was, and always will be. I explained everything to Adam as soon as I created him. I make sure the human race always has access to the Truth. I will make sure all humanity will have access to the Truth to the very end of time when I Return for My saints. If you choose to ignore the Truth, and fail to take heed to the warnings I have clearly given; that is entirely up to you.  


It is a strange infatuation that humans have for lies, considering they say they detest being lied to.


·      Though I have given you the reasoning skills and the intelligence to reason this all out.

·      Though I have given you the Truth so you can clearly see through the lies if you want to.

·      Even though the preservation of the Truth came at the expense of the shed blood of millions of My saints through the generations.

·      Even though I gave My Own Blood and died to free you from your sins nearly 2000 years ago.  


If you want to believe lies that will bring about the eternal ruin of your own soul; it is totally up to you; regardless how deeply it hurts Me. I will not force you to love Me. I will not force you to accept the Truth.


The devils work hard to convince you to believe what ever they want you to. That is why I made arrangements to let My Presence dwell within you. The devils cannot trick or con Me. I made them and you. I made all you can and cannot see.


The devils know I AM Real. They know they cannot fool Me; but they know they can fool you as long as you reject Me. That is why they are flooding you with countless distractions. They open up feeble technology to you that you perceive as amazing. It is like you can not get enough of it. Yet, it leaves your soul like a desert.


Only those who choose to trust and believe Me, and walk with Me will see the Magnificent Wonders of what Genuine Creation is all about. Devils will come up with their tinker toy technology and other gimmicks to grab your undivided attention. If you get sucked into their schemes, they will not lead you to any lasting benefit at all.  


Lies are made for the purpose of misleading the ones they want to disadvantage; and that is what devils and their human counterparts will do to you if you refuse My Protection and Security.  


I made you to be with Me forever, but I will not force you to love Me. I will not force you to accept My Lifestyle. I will not force you into Heaven or into Eternal Life. I sacrificed Myself for you, to prove to you how much I Love you; and to show My Love for you is Genuine.


I completely shattered the lies devils made up about My Character when I came to earth a couple millennia ago. Did you take the time to study exactly what happened?  


·      If you would rather believe the lies, there is no more I can do for you as long as you keep believing the lies.

·      If you refuse to use the high level of intelligence I gave you, by choosing to reject My Presence from dwelling within you, I can not secure Eternal Life for you as long as you refuse My Power from working in you.

·      If you see no value beyond the temporary things in front of your face; and neglect the true reason I gave you life in the first place; there is nothing I can do for you as long as you remain in that frame of mind.  


A mouse may think it found a goldmine when it sees a piece of cheese set out on the floor. Too late it realizes it was all a trap, and in an instant the mouse is dead - but it sure looked good for a while. I made you so much greater than a mouse; beyond comparison. When will you realize how much I value you? When will you realize the Eternal purposes for which I made you?   


When will you appreciate what I have given you in the here and now? If you take care of that which is temporary, and stand up to protect that which is temporary; it is a sign that you will take care of, and protect that which is Eternal.


The natural earth was given to you for pure enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. Yet, you keep letting governments, money manipulators and the mega worldly wealthy turn it into a trash heap. You are even in agreement with them, because you use their methodologies and inventions which destroy, without giving it a second thought. You refuse to demand natural methods, or even consider natural methods for yourself.


When most of you finally snap out of it, and see what has really been taking place, it will be too late to do anything about it. Time is running out.


I continuously prompt you to respond to Me every day in numerous ways; but you keep refusing the daily opportunities I keep providing for you.  I keep trying to give you Light, but you prefer the suspense that lurks in the shadows; while others prefer the strange infatuation of groping in darkness.


Since you clearly have little care for the planet and the natural methods I created for you; is it any wonder you do not care for those who are treated with disrespect and inhumanely around the world? How much more value you place on things, than the very people living on earth? Is this how you use the intelligence I created within you?


The devils refused to admit they did not know as much as they thought they did. Now their arrogance, spite, bitterness, envy, jealousy and greed have turned into hostile anger, wrath and indignation; and are causing much trouble, sorrow and pain. The devils are attacking you because of the foolishness of their own personal decisions, and their unwillingness to turn back to Me.


You fail to realize they are doing all they can to keep you from all they chose to walk away from. Why do you let them get away with it? You are letting their traits and tactics take up space in your own soul. Why do you let it happen? Why do you refuse to stand up and say no to the abuses and exploitation that is taking place; not only around the world; but in your own nation; in your own community; in your very own soul?


Do you wonder why the things that are taking place around the world do not make sense? It is because you fail to realize the wickedness of those you have chosen to regulate and dictate over your lives. It is because you do not want to face the fact that devils, through the media and entertainment complex have manipulated you into immoral and unethical beings.


·      You are nothing more than a doormat to those you kindly let walk all over you. You are nothing more than a garbage can to them, in which they fill you up with their trash lifestyle and lies. You let them trample on the goodness you once cherished.

·      They rape you morally, ethically and financially, and you barely make a sound in protest.

·      They entice you to succumb to their ways, and you bite into it, because they deceived you into thinking you have no choice.


·      They con you in believing the world is too complicated for you to understand, and you have no choice but to blindly trust them.

·      In this, you fail to realize the intelligence you were born with. In turn, you lower your own standards by biting into this fraud. In this, you fail to consider you are being horribly lulled to inaction against all this sleazy dishonesty, trickery and cruelty.


·      You say you care about your family and friends, and even the people around the world; but yet you refuse to stand up against the atrocities that are rampant around the entire planet.


·      You say it hurts you to see the heartlessness that is taking place around the world, but all you do is flip channels on your remote. Where is the action if you really care? You say, but what can I do? I am just one person? It is not what you can do; but what you will let Me do in and through you.

·      It is because you do not really know Me; that is why you do not trust Me. That is why you are unwilling to let Me reveal My Power in and through you. You cower because you look at yourself against the world. You fail to grasp on to the fact that I created all things, including you. You neither know Me, nor My Power.


You are continuously being used by devils as experimental guinea pigs, and you do not even know it. What devils learn from one generation; they use against the next round of specimens more effectively.


Why would you irrationally trust what you are impressed to believe by those who hold your values as worthless?


The devils are sharpening their tactics on you, so they can more effectively manipulate and destroy your children, and then your grandchildren.


Your preoccupation with the cheap thrills of the trivial and temporary have kept you back from searching for the deep and abundant treasures of Truth that are bountiful in My Word. And you wonder why life no longer makes real and meaningful sense?    


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