Isaiah 1:5  Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.




·      Why are you choosing to be like drunken gluttons begging for punishment?

·      Why do you choose to reject what is really going on?

·      Why do you refuse to put the puzzle pieces together so you can clearly see more of the whole picture?

·      Why do you believe just about anything, anyone in claimed leadership positions tell you? Even though you say you do not; your actions often contradict what you claim.

·      Those you pick to lead you no longer cover up the fact that they are playing you for fools – the con is in plain sight; and still, you let them get away with it.

·      You try to turn it off in your mind, but they are doing so much of it opening; right in front of your face. You can not believe how blatant they are with their criminal activities. Their unrestrained and fanatical desire to destroy you is so obvious - and you drop your head as if you have no defense.


While their distractions have you so busy running in meaningless circles and in distorted directions among yourselves; they, with careful precision and accuracy, are destroying your inner and most precious values, standards and sound principles. Then they trash your self-respect, by manipulating you to be passive,  and not stand up against such disgusting and vile criminality. 


What are you doing? Are you even paying attention?


·      You keep fighting more among yourselves for no good reason.

·      You tear each other down so no one gets ahead.

·      You are more interested in criticizing each other, than you are in building each other up.

·      You refuse to take sufficient time to think things through, or even use basic, common reasoning skills.

·      You let the media inflame your passions, while they intentionally entice you to pick a side.


They say: who will tune into our channel, if we encourage everyone to work together for the common good of all Americans? Why should we turn from the adrenaline rush of this huge cat fight we instigated?


·      What you want is the here and now; without taking sufficient time and thought to see what the results will be.

·      Often your heart is in panic mode, and you wonder why you lack adequate energy.

·      So often you are exhausted by the end of the day, but there is still so much to do.


·      Most of you work a job that underpays you, and makes you feel poorly about yourself.

·      When you are not working, you chase cheap entertainment instead of educating and bettering your self.

·      You tell yourself how bad things are, and refuse to do anything meaningful to improve your situation; or even help those who can not defend their own selves for what ever reason.


·      When it comes to the things that really matter in this life, you do not have, or use the energy to improve the opportunities. You let the cares of this world drain you to the point where there is nothing left; and in this, you stay in the rut you put your self into. Your life of mediocrity is destroying you from the inside - which is all according to the plan you succumbed to.


·      When it comes to readying your self for Eternity, you have no real interest left by the end of the day; day after day; because you accepted the lie in that you are already defeated.

·      You let the lifestyles and pressures of others manipulate your own life in ways that are detrimental to your own soul and Eternal Destiny.   

·      Stress, worry and doubt are breaking you down in so many ways.

·      You are manipulated to feel as if you are the inferior one, and you let it happen.


It is like the television has placed you into a hypnotic trance; and the more you feed on it, the more it manipulates you in the opposite direction of Life Eternal; it gets you thinking in a defeated, debased kind of mentality. It is like you are convinced to not even try - as if your resistance would be futile.


You fail to realize how awesome you were created to be, and refuse to study and learn how to properly take care of your entire soul being. You think governments, banking, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other out-of-control industries are looking out for your best interests; but who is deceiving who? These industries do not have to work hard at deceiving you, because you are doing a good enough job of it your self.


The devils keep learning more about how I made you, and they are building an infrastructure for the purpose of bringing about your eventual demise. Are you beginning to understand why I want to reveal and work My Power in and through you? I did not create you to be railroaded into extinction. Stop letting your self be wearied and worn out by lies. I made you better than that.  



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