Isaiah 1:6  From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.




From the sole of your foot, to the top of your head, there is no real soundness or wholesomeness found. Integrity and truthfulness continue to diminish. You are treating yourselves more like computerized robots with faulty software programming; rather than the living, breathing intelligent individuals I created each of you to be. You are letting others do the thinking for you, as if you can no longer think for your own self.


·      Psychological scars, compromised characters, cancerous sores, other illnesses and diseases are interfering with your thought processes to the point where you can no longer think straight.

·      You keep trying to ignore all the pain and misery that is going on inside you, but there is no improvement. You cling to misery and despair as if they were your best friends.


·      You hope all the problems and complications will just magically go away, but that is not working out for you. None of this has anything to do with magic; but is happening by the  harmful manipulation of your thoughts by those who want to destroy you.


·      You keep feeding on Hollywood. The news has degraded to less than a tabloid mentality. Sports is nothing but a very temporary cheap thrill; as is every other form of supposed entertainment. You fail to realize how all of this trash is degrading you. You fail to see how much of this is manipulating and warping your mind in unhealthy and detrimental ways.


You keep going after more of it, even though your appetite is never satisfied. It does not matter how much of it you take in. In another day or two, it is as nothing. Another day feasting on these same things leaves your soul emptier than the day before. It is like trying to get filled up with deadweight calories; when only real nutrition will satisfy the hungry soul.


·      You find your self focusing more of your attention on the temporary, while the Eternal turns more into some kind of a fantasy in your own mind. You will become what you feed upon; the devils are getting a better understanding on this, and are using it against you because you let them.    


·      You let the big businesses of the food industry get away with making garbage they pawn off as food. You wonder why you were never taught in school all those strange words you find on your food labels. They do not want you to know what they are passing off as food.  


You may wonder why you were not taught many things about the various facets of your life in school. And in this, you fail to realize it is easier to manipulate you when you do not understand the world in which you live in. When you do not even take a reasonable amount of time to understand the workings of your own body, you are destined to a complicated life and ruin.   


·      You let the pharmaceutical industry drug you into a mind numbing stupor. You watch their commercials, and how they tell you their drugs can do more harm than good; but still you go tell your doctor you want some; regardless of the outrageous prices; regardless of the damage they can do to your body. But come on; the commercials show happy people, enjoying their life. Yes, and perpetuating a lie as they continue to rob you blind.


·      You let the medical industry cut body parts out of you; burn your inside with radiation; poison you with chemo, and imbalance your soul with synthetic drugs; instead of letting real nutrition heal you from the inside out.


·      These inhumane industries fill your natural bodies with synthetic ingredients, harmful substances and artificial parts; and you wonder why you can no longer function like you used to? You pawn off your health and well being, by saying: it is just old age setting in – there is nothing I can do about it. How long will you keep pacifying your self with lies, copouts and disinterest; or sheer laziness? 


·      They fill more of your grocery store shelves with inorganic and synthetic trash. You shove it all down your throats. Then you strangely wonder why you are sick, on edge, and can not always think straight or clearly. You are not able to figure out where those bumps, blemishes and growths are coming from. You do not understand why you are internally diseased. You wonder why the doctor failed to see these problems ahead of time, with all their claimed intellect and sophisticated equipment and gadgets.


·      They try to force you to pay for this ill treatment. How dare they call this health insurance, when it is nothing more than sickness assurance.


·      You let biotech turn the seeds that used to produce real food into science experiments. Your body treats these imitation foods as foreign invasions. Your body is designed to utilize real food, and that does not include genetically modified organisms. Your body uses natural foods; not synthetics; not toxins.  


All the technology, supposed advancements, alleged breakthroughs and professed intelligence; and this is all the claimed experts are making available to you? Who is pulling the wool over whose eyes? And why are you letting them destroy you?


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