Isaiah 1:7  Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.




I generously gave you a country of great abundance; a land of grand opportunity. Your land has been filled with vast treasures of natural resources, with small businesses, nice houses to live in and great wealth. When you thought you created Heaven on earth; you chose to turn your back to Me. Now you wonder:


·      Why small businesses continue to be swallowed up by big businesses, and your wages are going down.

·      Why you pay three or more times the value of your house, just through interest payments.

·      Why many of you are being foreclosed on.

·      Why your well established laws have been trashed; only to be replaced with the arrogant opinions of a few.

·      Why your republic has rapidly turned into a dictatorship.

·      Why your freedom and rights are disappearing before your very eyes.

·      Why disasters, storms and drought are consuming your land.

·      Why you are the biggest debtor nation in the world; when not very long ago, you had it all. Your leaders gave all you had to other nations, and now they laugh at you. They can not believe you trashed what they all used to envy.  


You thought you could live without Me; not realizing you have become nothing more than a puppet at the end of some devil’s string. You dance when they say dance, and you jump when they say jump.


You suffer now, because they convinced you to stop thinking for your self. They convinced you to do and believe only what you are told, by those who claim to be in authority, and supposed experts in their field. You let them toss common sense out the window, and you let them get away with it.    


You can not even afford to keep up with the basic maintenance in your states, cities and towns. Your claimed leaders have ruined your financial condition through wastefulness, greed and stupidity. They have carelessly spent your hard earned money in ways that only benefit them, and to those who they prostituted their signature to.


You let a corrupt and fraudulent banking system scam you into bankruptcy. What they pawned off on you does not even have real value backing it. Their federal reserve notes you were conned into accepting are a scam and nothing more.


It was a way for them to take all of your real value and wealth, and to transfer it to themselves through valueless paper - a meticulously orchestrated fraud. As long as they can make you think you are in debt to them; as long as they can make you think their notes have value; as long as they can make you think you need them; nothing will ever belong to you - or so they will make you think.  


They try to make you believe a little country in the European community holds the fate of the entire world economy. If it falls; so falls the world. Now the whole world, so they say, is in a financial upheaval, because that little country chose to build a bloated government that could not keep up with the financial commitments it made to their people and their creditors.


Their intent is to falsely convince you that the whole world is fully connected, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. They drill these thoughts in your mind numerous times every day through television, radio, in print, through the computer and through your cell phones.


After a while, and through the extreme repetitive tactics they use; you start believing what they tell you to be true. Therein is the lie perceived to be true; only because they finally convinced you to believe the fallacy as being true - which it is not.


The world is only a fully connected unit as they say it is, in their scheme to manipulate you to do as they say. If they can convince you to believe it; then another step of their con is fulfilled; and they will add more steps of deception to their greedy, arrogant and self-centered plot.


They have already milked trillions of dollars from you through the accounts you have set up through government agencies, employers and personal accounts which are tied into the stock markets. They know that when you have less money, they can manipulate you more effectively.


The forces that be have been actively annihilating the most prominent place on earth that valued freedom, individual rights and trust in Me. They want you to think you can only trust them; that I AM nothing but a myth, and anyone who believes in Me is a stupid idiot, and should not live.  


Your supposed leaders have convinced many of you, that you can not properly take care of your own selves; that you need the government to be a nanny overlord over you. And what have you gotten in return from all their imaginary generosity and theoretical goodness?  


Whole towns and cities have become and continue to be ruined, deserted and bankrupt. Because your leaders gave other nations your industries and jobs; America is looking more like a third world country because of the modern ways those countries are using what was once yours.


Crime and corruption are rampant:


·      in the largest cities, all the way to the smallest villages;

·      throughout your big business industries;

·      throughout your medical complex;

·      throughout your agricultural production;

·      throughout commerce and trade unions;

·      throughout the entire legal system;

·      throughout the entire monetary system;

·      throughout your social interactions, characters and lifestyle decisions;

·      within your own families;

·      throughout your religions;

·      throughout all politics – from the small town mayor, to every bureaucracy, to the department of defense; to congress, the senate, the judicial system and the white house.


From a status of great abundance and massive wealth; loaning money to the rest of the world; doing great works of charity, here and internationally; you let your crooked politicians, bureaucrats, the judicial system, special interests and big businesses sell you off into bankruptcy, unethical practices, immorality, division and chaos.


You have become the biggest debtor nation of all nations through financial instrumentation that has no real value or substantive worth. Though your spineless federal reserve notes may have given the appearance of value for a certain duration; it is just matter of time before they are seen as the scam they were originally designed to be.


It is similar with many diseases. Disease does not just surface from nowhere one day. It typically has been building over a period of time, and was not noticeable until much damage had already taken place. How sad that you let sick and pathetic scams destroy you, because of the greed of a few.  


All that you have been given, your claimed leaders behind closed doors with special interest groups and organizations are quickly turning into a deserted wilderness. Much of the money they do not steal from you through corrupt taxation; you directly and indirectly spend on sports and other entertainment industries. They charge you outrageous fees to watch them perform, and you say, no problem; have as much money as you want. Do you want bigger stadiums? Fancier theaters? No problem. How much more do you want? Here, take as much as you need.


·      How does it feel to be entertained down the road to ruin and destruction?

·      What does it feel like being a pawn, and having the deck purposely stacked against you?

·      What does it feel like to pay for your own demise? You did not think tax and debt money was used just for outrageous bills, did you? Maybe you just do not realize what can be done with trillions of dollars that are basically unaccounted for.


Politicians freely give your money to countries that have no respect for the values you once held dear. They make up some irrelevant fable that it has to be done for the purpose of national defense, or for the security of the nation. When in reality, it is to keep breaking you down as a people and as a nation; until you have nothing left to stand for, and nothing left to support you. And in this, your children have little to no opportunity to live a real life like you once had. But you love them, right?  


Even when your supposed leaders trick you into thinking you are returning to prosperity; they already have you falsely convinced you are bankrupted beyond repair. Your claimed leaders will lead you by a hook in worm as long as they can play it out. It can only go so long before you find they turned you from solid fundamentals and meaningful laws into a house of cards.


It would seem outsiders are overthrowing all that was good with America; but so much of it has been brought about by your own hands; each one of you; through compromise; through lowering your standards; through disinterest and being preoccupied with the frivolous and less relevant. You pawned off all that was good in America for that which is referred to as politically correct.


You let those who are purposely destroying you, intimidate you into submission through fear; and you cower to their antagonism. They have all kinds of cards in their deck to bully, coerce and terrorize you. Race, sex, labeling things as hate speech, intolerance, extremism, conspiracy, the environment, religion, wealth, poverty; they will use any tactic it takes to make you feel you have to succumb to their arrogance and greed. If they can convince you to give up your freedom, rights, money and property, they win, and you lose; and that is just the way they want it.


If you can not be trusted with the smaller matters of living; how can you be trusted with the weightier matters of life?


If you can not be trusted with the things that are temporary; how can you be trusted with the Eternal?  


Those that promise you liberty and freedom, are the ones that brought in the corruption, fraud, embezzlement, tyranny, extortion, immorality and unethical ways. You chose to put your trust in a few, and they have deceived and betrayed you; and yet, you vote them right back into office for another term.   


Because you became careless and frivolous in your own life, and failed to pay attention to what has been going on around you; you have been milked of your wealth, and foreclosed upon through swindlers, scammers and outright thieves. Then you sit back and say; there is nothing I can do about it. Your own silence has given them the upper hand over your own life, and that of your children.


Do you wonder why your voice does not matter any more when it comes to what is taking place in America? It is because you chose to believe it to be so. You bit into the lie. And you continue to keep biting into it. You would rather watch reruns on television or some sports show than deal with real life.


Maybe you are busy building your own private world empire of some kind for yourself; not realizing others have already devised plans to take it from you.


Once you let the basic fundamentals that have provided you with so much, crumble beneath your feet; anything you attempt to build on this anemic replacement foundation you put in its place will fall. Why will you forfeit all that you have been given, to unruly, undisciplined  crooks, scoundrels and thieves? And bend over backward to help them do it?  


You have chosen to surrender to the manipulation; you have chosen to put your interests in Hollywood, and their degraded ways of life in which they portray. They are successfully molding your way of thinking to copy theirs.


·      Someone from the outside looking in would think the greatest values in America are the sports and entertainment industries.

·      What is called news has become nothing more than a form of manipulative entertainment in itself.

·      The media has been dancing to those who want to destroy your freewill, liberty and individual opportunity.


And because you sit back on your posterior and watch it all happen, as if it is some suspense thriller movie; you are quickly pawning off and forfeiting the security, welfare and safety of your own children.


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