Isaiah 1:8  And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city.




Because you have no real interest in standing up for the rights and freedom I have given you; you have given your claimed leaders unopposed permission to:


·      have you molested in airports.

·      tell you what you can eat and drink.

·      tell you what you can and cannot say.

·      tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body.

·      tell you, you cannot protect or defend yourself.

·      tell you what is right and wrong.

·      tell you how to raise and discipline your own children.

·      tell you what you can and cannot do with your own land.

·      tell you, you cannot use your own natural resources for your own prosperity and well being.


·      tell you if you can or cannot be in business; and if they give you their permission, they will tell you how you will conduct your business, even in unproductive and impractical ways.

·      tell you where you can and cannot invest your own money.

·      tell you they will invest your money through taxation and bills how ever they see fit.

·      tell you which companies will make it, and which ones will not.

·      tell you if, or how you can worship Me.

·      and start arresting you for assumed thought crimes.

·      and so much more. How long will you let them humiliate you and your family? When did you give them the right to control you in such ways? They are the ones that ought to be arrested for breaking their oath of office.


Because they falsely convinced you that you owe them; they in turn have been stripping you of your freedom, rights and wealth.


Politicians continue to steal your money through taxation, fees, licenses, and absurd penalties and bills. The money you used to give to charities you believed in, has been confiscated through taxation and outrageous billing, and is now being used against you. They embezzled the extra cash you used to have through inflation and other deliberate maneuvers, and now they decide who gets what. And still you remain silent.


You chose to forfeit your rights and freedom, because you let them belittle you to think your voice no longer matters; that you are no longer valued in this country; that you are nothing more than one of their personalized, walking, slave laboring ATM machines. How long will you bite into their lies and let them victimize you? Who do they think they are? Do you know who they molded you into?  


You are being brought into a type of drunken state by pharmaceutical drugs.


Your foods are being turned into drugs through GMO seed manipulation, and other forms of food exploitation. These operations are causing toxicity and other malfunctioning conditions in your body. What was once nutritional food; the biotech industry and food processors have turned into synthetic imitations by saturating them with inorganic chemicals. Because they think they can play God; in their conceit, they are destroying the natural and organic chemicals that bring health and wellness to your body. Your bodies are overwhelmed with all this useless garbage, and for those reasons many people are:


·      putting on excessive weight.

·      why illness and disease are spreading at a much faster rate.

·      why allergies are increasing.

·      why diabetes is running rampant.

·      and why more people are not able to think straight.


At the same time; those who call themselves leaders and experts are shutting down avenues of healthful, organic alternatives. You let them convince you that the healthy staple foods you humans have relied on for nearly 6000 years, are now considered alternative food choices, and some are even calling real food - dangerous. People, are you listening? Where is your mind?  


Your leaders in government, most special interests and the big mega industry complex are corrupt, and have become out-of-control tyrants and oppressors – trying to convince you, the Citizens, that you are not capable of making intelligent decisions on your own; that you are too ignorant for the sophisticated world they are inventing around you.


Why have you people become so distant, disinterested and wrapped up in your own selves, and in the frivolous; when the future opportunities for your children are intentionally being eliminated? Why do you allow yourselves to be manipulated by a couple thousand control fanatics that have no sincere interest in your well being or that of your children? Why have you forfeited the use of your intelligence for mindless entertainment, and let them divide you as a people; as a nation?


There are many people in authoritative positions who speak as if they are patriotic to this country and faithful to Me; but they are self-absorbed with self-interests. More people are becoming wrapped up in themselves, because of the lead of those who claim authority. You can say the words and go through the motions; but your personal life tells the real story. The Truth makes you free, so why do you deny genuine education? You can deny what is being said, but if you do, you are denying your own rights and freedom, and seriously complicating the lives of your children.


It is one thing to manipulate people to believe certain things. That is what the corruption of the supposed new world order is working hard to force you into. This is not the first time it has been attempted. It is the last chance they will have.   


It is something totally different to be honest and truthful because you care; even if what is being said may sound a bit far fetched at the present time. More people want to be lulled to inaction and eventual destruction, than have the Truth plainly spoken to them. More people want to be pacified by lies, than made free by the Truth. It does not make sense; but much of what is taking place in America does no longer make sense.  


Some people say they love you. Some do, as much as they know how. There will be other people that will not say anything to you when they see danger lurking in your path. Is that real love? But you may say: they will not listen, no matter what I say.


If a person keeps biting into a rotten piece of fruit, it will not all of a sudden start to taste better. You can at least offer them a ripe and tasty piece of fruit. Some will find out how good it really is. Or are you the judge and jury? Are you so smart, that you can pass sentence upon another?


If you truly do care for other people; will you not at least seriously try to help them avoid imminent danger? How do you define love? How do you define concern? When did it become such a terrible thing to just simply and honestly care about the well being of other people because it is a great thing to do?


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