Isaiah 1:9  Except the LORD of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.




I have a very small remnant of people scattered throughout the earth that will not compromise  their love and service to Me and to all of humanity. Though many of them were living careless lives for a while; they came around and responded to My Calling. Since I have been sharing the Truth with them, they have a growing appreciation for My Teachings, Standards and Love.


Because they choose to commune with Me at a very personal level, they have been able to experience My Love for them in special ways. Because of this, they are experiencing a genuine love for all people. Though many people look at them as different or unusual because of the values and beliefs they now live by; it is just because others do not know or understand who I AM.   


This remnant people found the love that is experienced in the Wonderful Beauty of My Lifestyle. It is because of these few who have taken a solid stand for what is true, sacred,  decent, honest, moral, pure and holy; it is because of these few, that the human race has not yet sunken to the lowest depths of uncivilized existence as did the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah.


What did the lives of the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah consist of? They took the following habits, decisions and lifestyles to the extreme; the same in which you American people have been rapidly moving toward:


·      They were self confident through pride; many became arrogant and conceited, while putting their trust in the false securities of governments, instead of Me.  

·      They were overindulgent, and were overeating through their lust for food.


·      Most were idle, in not being willing to earn their own way in life. Instead, they were spending time talking about other people in degrading, promiscuous and indiscriminate ways - when they themselves had the same issues they were accusing others of having. Instead of taking the proper time to improve their own lives; they blamed others for their own sorry conditions.


·      They departed from reasonable ethics and morality.

·      They belittled, ridiculed and attacked those who stood for reasonable morals and ethics.

·      They ignored the poor and needy.

·      They let out-of-control and wild sexual passions rule their lives.

·      They let lust, incest, adultery and fornication override morality, dignity and self respect.


·      They refused to take responsibility for their own actions, and blamed others for their own lack of self respect and shortcomings.  

·      Without shame, they went after like flesh, and many were sexual with beasts - men with men; women with women; humans with animals. Men wanted to be women, and women wanted to be men. They had serious identity issues.


How often humans do not appreciate how good things are, until they see how horrible things can get through inattention, lack of interest and carelessness. Too late it is said: How did things get so out of control?


Sodom, Gomorrah and the surrounding cities once had everything going for them; but it was reduced to dust and ash because they refused to stand up for individual responsibility, self respect, decency and trust in Me. They bit into one lie; then another; then another...


What the people of Sodom and Gomorrah let happen in their land, was a small scale on what devils and their human puppets are attempting to accomplish with all of humanity in this generation, worldwide.


Because of a minority, a huge wave of immorality and unethical behaviors are being held in check; at least for a while longer. Why just a few? Because most people would rather keep silent, and not get involved. Most people do not want to rock the boat, failing to realize they will get capsized with the rest who remain silent. As I withdraw My Spirit from those who want nothing to do with Me, there will be a flood of corruption and disaster that will consume the earth and the people like never before.  


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