What significance does Isaiah 1 have in the few decades building up to 2000, and the remaining time that is left?


Is not this just some ancient writing that has no significance or importance at all to the times we are now living?


If you feel you can handle the Truth, keep reading. There is no sugarcoating. Time is running out. It is essential for you to decide if you want to keep living; or if you want to completely check out of life.


Some that say they can handle the Truth will only do so if it fits into their current accepted set of beliefs. If you choose to box yourself in this way; be ready for  definite consequences that will not be found in your framed set of beliefs.


The world is entering a time that has never been experienced. It will have some similarities to the times of:


1.    Noah, and the worldwide flood. The entire face of the earth was drastically changed. It was a time when nearly the entire human race felt they had no further need for the God that created them.

2.     Lot, in Sodom and Gomorrah, when the people went through radical social change and upheaval; only to end in total and complete ruin.

3.    The Israelites in Egypt, when obstinate, arrogant and greedy, shameless leadership brought on plagues and disasters that destroyed the land, nearly all living substances thereon, and the annihilation of many people.


The times we have already entered are leaving you with a choice of two:


·      You will choose the God of the Universe and His Wonderful Lifestyle with Eternity.

·      Or you will choose the god of this world, whose ultimate objective and dire ambition is to convince you that his lies are true. Satan is going down, and if you believe his lies, you will be going down with him. Lies will not save you. Only the Truth of Jesus Christ, and His Way of Salvation can. Accept this or not; it is just a matter of time before you find out this is exactly the way it is.


The god of this world is a liar, thief, murderer and destroyer. No one likes being lied to, but the god of this world is the master of it. Devils are doing all they can to blindside you, and keep you from the Truth. It is only through the Truth, that you can be made free; not only in this temporary world, but most important; that you can be made Free to enter Eternity.  


Depending which one you choose to trust and believe: the God of the Universe, or the god of this world; will determine whether you live for Eternity; or if you will be utterly extinguished with this earth as you presently know it. There will be no second chance as some try to convince you. There is no third option. Which ever one you trust, you will obey - either for Life or for death.


There are many ways to die, but just One Way to Life and Eternity. You may not agree with this Reality or like it. Nevertheless, this is the plain and simple Truth. The decision for your individual life is completely and totally up to you. The consequences are real. If you do not find yourself on the side of Eternity with Christ when all is said and done on earth; you will have no one to point your finger at but yourself.  


You will not see any: thus saith the Lord in these statements. Our Creator is a personal God, and that is how this will be written. Very few speak in old English; it is essential to write according to present truth and plain English. The closing messages for this time need to be clearly understood. Decisions will be made. Indecision will be the decision of many; and that is truly sad when you consider the intelligence each of us has been created with.


Israel rejected God when He was here nearly 2000 years ago. Their temple was left to them desolate. Because they, as a nation, insisted to reject God in the flesh, the Great News of the Gospel no longer waited for them to get the Message out to the world. The message was always for the entire world, but the Israelites thought they could box God in. Huge miscalculation.


In this end time, Christianity in the U.S. has taken the place of the Old Testament Israelites. The foolish, inconsiderate and vile lifestyles the Israelites typically defaulted to in times of old, are being repeated in various ways by Christian` America today. How sad and shameful it is that we refuse to learn from the human experiences of the past. There is nothing new under the sun.



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