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Who Is Mimicking Who?



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What is No Parrot Media?


It seems all you get anymore is a certain block of stories every day which the media calls news. Then they blast the same stories on all the major networks as if nothing else is going on in this world of billions of people. 

Free press is not what it used to be. We are not going to puppet what others are saying to mislead you from what is really going on. We have no interest in manipulation. 

Puppets move when others pull their stirngs. Puppets speak what others say. We are not robots, nor puppets. We will not rehash what others want you to here to control your thoughts and ideas. 

We will print information that is either neutral or from a Biblical perspective.

Why neutral or Biblical?

Neutral, because it is up to you to come to your own conclusions about what is going on.

From a Biblical perspective, because Scripture is not a respecter of persons. Scripture has made Statements thousands of years ahead of time, and has been on target in every single instance.

The Bible tells you the way it is, the way it has been, and the way it will be. Scripture does not sugarcoat or fluff up anything or anyone for any reason. The Bible does not hide things just because they may be embarrassing, controversial or politically incorrect. If we can not locate from Scripture something that can more clearly expound on the news report, we will write it as we see it.

You have 4 choices while visiting this site: You can

New reports will not come out every day. We actually do research and verify as much as possible what we write about. That takes time. We know you deserve more than mimicked news; you want news that has been thought through, as truthful as possible, and trustworthy; so please be patient and we will report as many stories as possible.