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The National Debt is no laughing matter to the children

February 26, 2015


Many Americans have been kicking back the last few years, letting Hollywood and the sports industry entertain them in many frivolous ways. At the same time, politicians, special interests, big money businesses and foreign intervention have been uncontrollably milking their wealth.


This continues to



Politicians, bureaucrats and special interest groups are rapidly turning America into a failed system. A few decades ago the U.S. had the best way of life ever experienced in this earth's history this side of the flood.


Politicians have been prioritizing special interest social agendas while ignoring fiscal responsibility. Is it because they lack economic genius? If so, why do the people keep voting this incompetence into office? If politicians fail to get America's fiscal house in order with rapid motion, all Americans will find out what real social issues are about. 


Every American ought to snap out of their complacency and realize things are not as they were. Current conditions have passed critical stage and are teetering on collapse. Many Americans are in denial. They fear what is coming if conditions do not change, but don't know what to do to change it.


In turn, many deny what is happening and bury their head in the sand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of unemployed persons was just over 15 million in Nov, 2010. That is very close to the combined populations of New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago; the largest populated cities in this nation. Stop unemployment checks on the nearly 9 million recipients, and see what this country swiftly turns into. America can not afford another fiscally trashed decade like it just experienced.




Many more Americans ought to redirect their obsession and insatiable appetite for entertainment, and transfer that energy into the political process, hard work, business ingenuity and invention.


Every American needs to pull their own weight if prosperity and goodwill are to continue as this nation has become accustomed to. People have no right to live off the hard work of others, whether they are neighbors, or workers in other countries in selling debt to them. Keep jeopardizing the American system in complicated, dysfunctional and devastating ways, and the people will be forced into a hell they never thought would happen.


It is time to return to the patriotic standards that made this nation a great place to live; the place that was envied around the world. The youth look to the adults for a pattern to live by, even though it does not always seem that way through their teenage years. The example they are now receiving is not what has defined the American way of life for most of the last 235 years. It is time to prove to ourselves that the American spirit is alive and well, and will prevail in victory.